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Viktoras Peter Kulvinskas (born 23 February 1939) is a Lithuanian[1] holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, raw foods[2] advocate and author.

After joining Ann Wigmore's Boston-based Rising Sun Christianity movement, Kulvinskas co-founded, with Wigmore, the Hippocrates Health Institute, a health resort in the United States, in the late 1960s[3] where he was Director of Research, and is active in the living foods movement.[4][5]


Early years[edit]

Viktoras Kulvinskas was born in Kaunas, Lithuania during World War II. He received his M.S. Degree in pure mathematics from the University of Connecticut, where he later taught mathematics.[3]

Alternative health related activities[edit]

After co-founding the Hippocrates Health Institute,[6] he began 35 years operating as a practitioner in the area of holistic treatments and techniques. He is also a lecturer, chef, and a Bishop of the First Christian Essene Church of Christ (San Diego, California).[7]

As a nutritionist, he was the personal health consultant to comedian/activist Dick Gregory during his 900-mile run for peace, and has been a Nutritional and Education Director at Gregory’s Obesity & Substance Abuse Resorts (Florida & Bahamas).[3] His theories on cancer were practised at the Hippocrate Institute, and documented in his book "Survival in the 21st Century",[8] along with his theories on a new model of menstruation with program to eliminate PMS.[citation needed]

Speaker and advocate[edit]

Kulvinskas also trained the staff in “Enzymatic Nutrition and Live Food Therapies for Degenerative Disease” at his Hippocrates Clinic of Asia in the Philippines, 2002.[citation needed]

After opening a culinary school in 2002,[citation needed] Kulvinskas continued to be active in enzymatic theories and development of foods, as well as lecturing and writing in the field of alternative wellness and enzymatic therapies. He was one of the first to popularize the long out-of-print works of Chicago enzyme researcher Dr. Edward Howell (October 30, 1898 - March 30, 1988) of the Lindlahr Sanitarium (Illinois).[9] Kulvinskas was also one of the first to promote sprouts,[10] algae, wheatgrass, plant enzymes and herbal formulations[11] to offset the claimed impact of cooked foods, environmental pollution and inherited weaknesses.

Kulvinskas currently offers lectures and retreats on healthy living at his home in Montezuma, Costa Rica. [12]



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Other language editions[edit]

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With others[edit]

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Kulvinskas received "The Lifetime of Achievement Award" at the "2000 Raw Food Culinary Showcase", Jamaica, where he was a keynote speaker.[13] He was also awarded the "Live Food Culinary Chef and Instructor" Certificate of Accomplishment by the Light Culinary Institute.[14]

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