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A voter file is a list of all registered voters in an area. In the US most states compile this list under the organization responsible for elections. It is generally available to candidates for office and political organizations for a fee. This is sometimes also known as a voter roll.

In the United States the voter files are being directed by the 2002 Help America Vote Act. It specifies certain measures each state must take to ensure that their file is compliant and compatible. Private firms often provide United States voter files.


In most instances the voter file contains each voter's name, address (sometimes it also contains an alternate mailing address), birth date, date of registration, political party (if the state is a party registration state) and the last election voted (not the voter's actual vote).


Generally this data undergoes data cleansing and is put into a voter database for use by political campaigns. By ingesting multiple files, it is possible to put determine a voters voting patters. This is used to predict a voters likeliness to show up at a future election.