Wattle Grove Lake

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Wattle Grove Lake
Location Wattle Grove, Sydney, Australia
Coordinates 33°56′57″S 150°56′26″E / 33.9492°S 150.9405°E / -33.9492; 150.9405Coordinates: 33°56′57″S 150°56′26″E / 33.9492°S 150.9405°E / -33.9492; 150.9405
Type Reservoir
Catchment area Georges River
Managing agency Delfin & Liverpool City Council
Built 1990 (1990)
Islands 1

Wattle Grove Lake is an artificial lake in suburb of Wattle Grove, Sydney, Australia.[1] It was constructed by Delfin in 1990 along with the surrounding Wattle Grove residential development.

Wattle Grove Lake lies within the Georges River catchment and the Liverpool District subcatchment.


The lake is completely surrounded by Lakeside Park. The parkland includes two play areas and several fitness areas. There is a 15-minute walking trail that circles the lake.


Wattle Grove Lake includes a wildlife reserve, providing home for a variety of water birds. There is an wildlife island (innaccessable to humans) that houses ducks, swans and many other types of birds

A variety of fish live in the lake, including eels, etc.

Fishing, boating, and several other activities are strictly prohibited in the lake to protect wildlife.


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