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This is a table of A* journal in the 2009 Trial PCE cluster of the Excellence in Research for Australia journal list. In the last column, "dab"=disambiguation, and "j"=journal.

Journal title ISSN Search links Links
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  Done
Advanced Materials  Done
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 1615-4150 1615-4169 dab j
American Journal of Science  Done
Analytical Chemistry (journal)  Done
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition)  Done, however this ISSN isn't listed in the article: 0044-8249, and our article is for both the International and German edition.
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics  Done
Annual Review of Biophysics 1056-8700 1936-1238  Done
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics
(Redirect to Annual Reviews (publisher))
0066-4189 1545-4479
Annual Review of Materials Research
(Redirect to Annual Reviews (publisher))
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science
(Redirect to Annual Reviews (publisher))
0163-8998 1545-4134
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
(Redirect to Annual Reviews (publisher))
0066-426X 1545-1593
Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Science
(Redirect to Annual Reviews (publisher))
Applied Physics Letters  Done
Molecular BioSystems  Done (this has been added due to this pub being listed under Chemical Communications
Carbon (journal)  Done
Chemical Communications  Done, however Molecular BioSystems was added to this list, and two more are needed: 1359-7345 1744-1560
Chemical Geology 0009-2541 dab j
Chemical Reviews  Done
Chemistry of Materials  Done
Chemistry: A European Journal  Done
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology  Done
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 0010-8545 1873-3840 dab j
Crystal Growth & Design  Done
Earth and Planetary Science Letters  Done
Earth-Science Reviews 0012-8252 1872-6828 dab j
Electrophoresis (journal)  Done
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry  Done
Geobiology (journal)  Done
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta  Done
Geology (journal)  Done
Geophysical Research Letters  Done
Global Biogeochemical Cycles: an international journal of global change 0886-6236 dab j
Global Ecology and Biogeography  Done
High Pressure Research 0895-7959 1477-2299 dab j
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  Done
Inorganic Chemistry (journal)  Done
International Journal of Modern Physics C, Physics and Computers 0129-1831 1793-6586  Done
International Reviews in Physical Chemistry 0144-235X 1366-591X dab j
Journal of Advanced Materials 0969-6849 dab j
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry  Done
Journal of Catalysis  Done
Journal of Chemical Physics  Done
Journal of Chromatography A  Done, however these other ISSNs need to be investigated: 1873-3778 0301-4770 0376-737X
Journal of Climate  Done
Journal of Computational Physics  Done
Journal of Fluid Mechanics  Done
Journal of Geophysical Research  Done, however these issns are sections: 1934-8843 1934-8592
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry  Done
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 0263-4929 dab j
Journal of Neutron Research 1023-8166 1029-2179 dab j
Journal of Petrology 0022-3530 1460-2415 dab j
Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data 0047-2689 1529-7845 "1546-5969," 1063-0651 dab j
Journal of Physical Oceanography  Done
Journal of the American Chemical Society  Done
Journal of X-ray Science and Technology 0895-3996 1095-9114 dab j
Lab on a Chip (journal)  Done
Langmuir (journal)  Done
Macromolecules (journal)  Done
Mass Spectrometry Reviews  Done
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  Done
Natural Product Reports  Done
Nature (journal)  Done, however these ISSNs are missing: 1476-4687 1061-4036 1746-4366
Nature Chemical Biology  Done
Nature Chemistry  Done
Nature Geoscience  Done
Nature Materials  Done
Nature Nanotechnology  Done
Nature Photonics  Done
Nature Physics  Done
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology  Done
Nuclear Instrument and Method 0168-9002 dab j
Nuclear Physics B  Done
Ocean Modelling 1463-5003 1463-5011 dab j
Journal of the Optical Society of America A  Done, however the ARC listed ISSNs are old: 0740-3232 & 1520-8532
Optics Express  Done
Optics Letters  Done
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry  Done
Organic Letters  Done
Paleoceanography (journal)  Done
Physical Review Letters  Done, but this ISSN isn't listed: 1079-7114
Physics Reports  Done, however this ISSN is not in WorldCat: 1873-6270
Precambrian Research 0301-9268 1872-7433 dab j
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry 0079-6379 1934-483X dab j
Progress in Polymer Science  Done
Quaternary Science Reviews 0277-3791 dab j
Remote Sensing of Environment 0034-4257 dab j
Reports on Progress in Physics  Done
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 1529-6466 1943-2666 dab j
Reviews of Geophysics  Done
Reviews of Modern Physics  Done
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society  Done
Science (journal)  Done
Tetrahedron Letters  Done, however this ISSN isn't in WorldCat: 1873-3581
The Astrophysical Journal  Done, however this ISSN isn't on the article: 0067-0049
The Journal of Organic Chemistry  Done
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers  Done