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The WikiProject Australian basketball is a project to organise and improve information about basketball in Australia, especially the National Basketball League.

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Australian basketball articles by using the basketball=yes parameter within the {{WikiProject Australia}} template.

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The National Basketball League is Australia's prime basketball competition. This project aims to:

  • Create profiles on all players, including player boxes seen in other WikiProjects on sport
  • Get pictures for all current players
  • Get a good amount of information on players and coaches
  • Make results pages from the last few seasons
  • Make profiles on all venues that basketball games are played at, and include a stadium box like the one on the Telstra Dome article
  • Work on getting more information on all current clubs

Lastest news[edit]

Ladders etc.[edit]

OK, ive got in contact with the NBL and they are happy to help out. They will be sending me a media guide next week some time, which has got all the end of season ladders, plus every player ever to play in the NBL.

Cheers, Jasrocks (talk)

2006/07 season[edit]

This page is for the up and coming NBL season. Click here to enter it. This is a place where people can place all the results from the weekend in, as well as top scorers. I would like to get something up on running where we can put all of this information table form, as seen in WikiProject AFL.

Player boxes[edit]

Hello again. I tried using a NBA player box on Brett Maher. Now I don't particually like this look but I must say it looks good with a picture. If we never get a player box of our own, I believe we should use this one. Of course, we need more information on each player, as I'm mainly showing off the box. Any thoughts?


I think that we should create the National Basketball League (Australia) Portal. Now I have no prefence experience of making portals, so i would like either for someone to help me make it, or to just do it. Thanks guys.


Can people please start to advertise this page so that we are able to get more members. At the moment, I don't think that 10 members is enough for what I wish to do. Please also get started on the player pages.


What is NBL[edit]

The National Basketball League (NBL) is Australia's highest level of professional men's basketball. Two games per week are televised on Foxtel, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday, and sometimes one on late friday night if a game is played over in New Zealand.


Clipboard.svg Here are some open WikiProject Australian basketball tasks:

Please feel free to edit these tasks and to discuss these tasks.

List of participants[edit]

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WikiProject NBL Member of the Week[edit]

goes to...

Hossen27, for making a brilliant ladder that can be used on all of the season articles. Cheers mate. Awarded on 25-4-06 by Jasrocks

To view at list of previous winners of the NBL Member of the Week, please click here

Information on Positions[edit]

Click here to view information on basketball positions.


Please place your own photographs here of any players and venues you have pictures of.


Please place any templates that you make in this section, so it is easy for members to use them.

What to type What it makes What it's for
The official NBL stub for NBL-related articles.
The official NBL stub for NBL-related biographies (on players, officials etc.)
{{User WikiProject NBL}}
NBL This user is a member of WikiProject Australian basketball.
Place this on your user page.
{{User:W.carter/Userbox opals}}
Basketball.png This user is a supporter of the
Opals basketball team
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{{NBL project member}}
Place this on your user page if you want to.
{{WikiProject Australia|basketball=yes}}
WP Australia Place this on the "DISCUSSION" page of every NBL article.
{{NBL_seasons}} This template lists all of the season pages for the NBL.
{{NBL}} This template contains a list of all the current NBL teams.
{{NBL-Ade}}{{NBL-Bri}}{{NBL-Cai}} {{NBL-Mel}} {{NBL-NZ}} {{NBL-Per}} {{NBL-SD}}{{NBL-Syd}} {{NBL-Tow}} {{NBL-WtS}}{{NBL-Wol}} Adelaide 36ers Brisbane Bullets Cairns Taipans Melbourne Tigers New Zealand Breakers Perth Wildcats South Dragons Sydney Kings Townsville Crocodiles West Sydney Razorbacks Wollongong Hawks Use these templates in ladders and season results.
{{NBL 2006-07 Position Ladder}}
Team Pld Won Lost Last 5 Streak Home Away  % Pts  % Won
1 Brisbane Bullets 39 33 6 4-1 W2 19-1 14-5 113.13% 84%
2 Melbourne Tigers 39 28 11 2-3 L2 17-3 11-8 105.99% 71%
3 Perth Wildcats 34 23 11 1-4 L1 15-3 11-8 106.70% 67%
4 Sydney Kings 36 21 15 2-3 L2 15-3 6-12 104.01% 58%
5 Townsville Crocodiles 35 20 15 3-2 L1 14-4 6-11 102.41% 57%
6 Cairns Taipans 37 19 18 2-3 L2 13-6 6-12 100.33% 51%
7 South Dragons 34 15 19 2-3 L1 8-8 7-11 96.78% 44%
8 Singapore Slingers 34 13 21 2-3 L3 9-7 4-14 95.74% 38%
9 New Zealand Breakers 33 11 22 2-3 L1 9-7 2-15 95.59% 33%
10 Wollongong Hawks 33 11 22 1-3 L1 6-11 5-11 95.35% 33%
11 Adelaide 36ers 33 11 22 1-4 W1 7-9 4-13 93.56% 33%
12 West Sydney Razorbacks 33 5 28 2-3 W1 4-12 1-16 89.47% 15%
Current season ladder
{{NBL Labelled Map}} Current season teams' locations

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