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There is need to raise the editorial quality, adhere to Wikipedia standards, and increase the number of articles about Silesia (Polish: Śląsk, German: Schlesien, Czech: Slezsko). WikiProject Silesia has the aim of creating a basis for correcting, augmenting and creating new articles about to Silesia, including Upper Silesia (together with Upper Silesian Industry Area, Cieszyn Silesia, Opole Silesia, Czech Silesia, exceptionally Zagłębie Dąbrowskie) and Lower Silesia (together with Ziemia kłodzka, Ziemia śląsko-łużycka).

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You are asked to add new suggestions in the sections "==To be done==" and "==To be improved==". You are also asked to create and improve articles from those lists. Discussions on the subject of creating and improving articles should be held on the talk page of this project: Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Silesia.

If an article has been improved, then in the section where the article is listed please annotate '''(improved)''' after the listed article. If a new article has been created, please add after the article's name in the section the word '''(done)'''.


Please do not make tiny articles, barely recognizable as "stubs". Please also respect the guidelines specified in NPOV, Copyright violations and NPA. The aim of this project is the creation and improvement of all articles connected with Silesia, so that a number of them become Feature Article-quality, and the remainder become articles of a high quality.


Silesia in Poland stubs can be tagged with: {{Silesian-geo-stub}}, {{LowerSilesian-geo-stub}}, {{Opole-geo-stub}}, {{Lubusz-geo-stub}} and all articles can be assessed with {{WikiProject Poland}}. Silesia in Germany stubs can be tagged with: {{Saxony-geo-stub}}. Czech Silesia stubs can be tagged with: {{MoraviaSilesia-geo-stub}}.

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Silesia was mainly inhabited by Germans for many centuries until they were expelled in 1945. So why don`t you use the German names of historical buildings,too. The obvious intention seems to be to push German history and culture into oblivion.-- (talk) 20:16, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

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