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Welcome to The X Factor WikiProject!


  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of The X Factor.
  • Create guidelines for articles about The X Factor.


  • Television series in The X Factor format
  • The X Factor contestants, finalists, winners, judges, and hosts
  • Singles debuted on an X Factor show
  • Albums and core singles debuted by an X Factor winner, finalist, or contestant (not every song will fall under this scope)
  • Bands, musical groups, musicals, movies, and shows significantly involving X Factor alumni


Style guide[edit]

The following guide should be followed when using terms specific to The X Factor:

  • "Bootcamp" is one word, not two
  • Categories such as Boys, Girls, Groups, Under-25s, Over-28s, etc, should be capitalised
  • Stages of the competition such as auditions, bootcamp, judges' houses, live shows, should not be capitalised
  • Over-28s, Over-25s and Under-25s should be hyphenated
  • Live show themes should not be capitalised, e.g. "club classics"

Biographies of contestants[edit]

  • Lead section - Brief and to the point: Full name, birth date, and birth place (if applicable, include nickname(s) and hometown if different from place of birth). Should probably contain information about the X Factor show that they participated in, as well as the season, and year that it happened. Shold follow guidelines at WP:LEAD.
  • Early life - The person's career and life before the show.
  • The X Factor - The person's persona and career during the show.
  • Post The X Factor - Events that happened after the show. Section should be titled according to the title of the album released.
  • Discography - If applicable, information on CDs, DVDs, video, singles.
  • Filmography - If applicable, information on movies and other television shows.
  • List of performances on The X Factor - include song name, date of performance, and the theme if there was one. For longer lists, {{hidden begin}} is recommended and splitting of the article is discouraged. May not be required as a link can be provided to the appropriate series where all the performances will be listed.
  • References
  • External links


Only albums released on a major record label, or which have a significant amount of sales and/or promotion, will have their own articles. This is in accordance with Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums and WP:MUSIC. Any others will be merged with the musical artist regardless of the contestant's place in the competition.


As with above, major and core singles will have its own article. Individual songs will be merged with either the album or the musical artist.

Retail store lists (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, and Wal-Mart) will not be referenced in any article or included in a 'chart performance' history as they are not real music charts.


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