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Welcome to WikiProject Turtles. Several Wikipedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Turtles and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.

Recent changes to turtle articles


We will expand and organise Wikipedia's turtle articles.

Things you can do[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Turtles:

Get involved with WikiProject Turtles discussion.

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Peer review[edit]

If you have expanded an article and would like other to look at it and offer constructive commentary, you can put it up for a Peer review.

Peer review

To create[edit]

Extinct turtles
Atlantochelys and Rhinochelys, see French Wiki. Procolpochelys grandaeva
† From Polish wiki: Australochelys, Chinlechelys, Murrhardtia, Palaeochersis, Angolachelonia, Hesperotestudo bermudae pl:Australochelys(, pl:Chinlechelys, pl:Murrhardtia, pl:Palaeochersis, pl:Angolachelonia, pl:Hesperotestudo bermudae
From Italian wiki: Chinlechelys (it:Chinlechelys tenertesta)
From Japanese wiki: Kappachelys Kappachelys okurai ja:Kappachelys okurairef
Burmese narrow-headed softshell turtle, Northern New Guinea giant softshell turtle, Hunan softshell turtle,Lesser Chinese softshell turtle,Northern Chinese softshell turtle
Mesoclemmys heliostemma, Mesoclemmys nasuta, Mesoclemmys perplexa, Mesoclemmys raniceps, Mesoclemmys tuberculata
Subfamily redirects: Chelidinae, Chelodininae and Hydromedusinae. Subgenus redirects:Chelodina Chelodina, Macrochelodina
From Italian wiki: Jicotea (it:Jicotea) (Old genus)?

See also Articles in other languages but not on English Wikipedia

Guidelines and things to include[edit]

Spotted turtle
Two drawings of a spotted turtle that show both the top (carapace) and bottom (plastron). The claws are long and the turtle is dark in color
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines
Family: Emydidae
Subfamily: Emydinae
Genus: Clemmys
Species: C. guttata
Binomial name
Clemmys guttata
(Schneider, 1792)
Genus synonymy[2]
Species synonymy[2]
  • Testudo guttatai
    Schneider, 1972
  • Testudo punctata
    Schoepff, 1972
  • Geoclemmys sebae
    Gray, 1869

For species articles, try to follow the FAs and GAs. (See also ideas from another animal Primates/Article format.) Perhaps something like the following for a general layout (adaptation is welcome of course):

  • Taxonomy
  • Description
  • Distribution and habitat
  • Population features
  • Evolutionary history and fossil record
  • Ecology and behavior
  • Predators
  • Diet
  • Movement
  • Life cycle
  • Conservation

Very widespread species and those affected by humans to a measurable extent should also include a "Relations with humans" section. Be sure, as always, to include references.

A taxonomy box should be included. To the right is one for the Spotted turtle. The taxonomic classification of the turtle is expressed here. It can also include taxonomic synonyms, conservation status, and a range map.



Every species article should have at least one picture of the animal. Here's an example:

An adult painted turtle specimen pointed toward the viewer with its head raised and facing towards its right.
A painted turtle (this image looks good in the article).

Range maps[edit]

Readers want each animal's range mapped. For a Featured Article, it is a requirement. An example:

A distribution map for the Bog turtle

Image labeling[edit]

  • A thoughtful caption (concise, but pointing out important features and connecting the subject to the article) should be included with every image.
  • Alternative text helps blind readers "see" images, so it should be added as well.
  • Maps should be carefully labeled when multiple species or time periods of range are displayed.
  • All charts should have well-described axes.

Example: For the turtle photograph above, the code reads:

[[File:Painted turtle.jpg|thumb|220px|left|alt=An adult painted turtle specimen pointed toward the viewer with its head raised and facing towards its right.|A painted turtle (this image looks good in [[Painted turtle|the article]]).]]

Participants Participants[edit]

Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest (please sign with three tildes "~~~"). Also, try to keep the list alphabetical, thank you.

  1. D. Gordon E. Robertson (talk) – amateur naturalist and photographer
  2. Drenaestia Happy to help with developing turtle pages.
  3. Faendalimas (talk) Specialist Turtle Taxonomist, have worked with side-necks, soft-shells and tortoises mostly, including fossil forms. Happy to help with nomenclatural issues.
  4. Greenbio (talk) Student working towards bachelors degree in Wildlife Conservation & Biology. Have a large interest to work with turtles as career/masters project.
  5. innotata Interested, and thought of proposing such a project earlier. I'll put my name here for now and see if I get involved.
  6. Jak474 (talk)
  7. Lfstevens (talk) 07:27, 6 January 2011 (UTC) Hawksbill and green sea turtles
  8. Madkins007 (talk) Hobbyist, interested in Red-foot and other tortoises
  9. Minglex (talk) Keen amateur
  10. Valerie A. Edrington (talk) Life work: Turtle Conservation, Habitat Preservation & Restoration, Novel Solutions.
  11. Wikilouque (talk) Researched distribution, abundance, and morphology of map turtles for Master's degree, works in conservation, and naturalist.
  12. Snow let's rap Scientist and amateur naturalist. I enjoy writing articles for taxons that are quiet little unsung heroes of the natural world. :)

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Use the code {{User Turtles}} to show this:

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New articles[edit]

Please feel free to list your new turtles-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them, are at least over 1,000 characters, don't have any dispute templates on them, and cite their sources, should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Wikipedia Main Page.

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For biological and ecological information
  • Carr, Archie (1952). Handbook of Turtles: The Turtles of the United States, Canada, and Baja California. Handbooks of American Natural History. Binghamton, New York: Comstock Publishing Associates a Division of Cornell University Press. 
  • Ernst, Carl H.; Barbour, Roger William (1989). Turtles of the World. Washington, D.C., and London: Smithsonian Institution Press. ISBN 0-87474-414-8. 
  • Ernst, Carl H.; Barbour, Roger William; Lovich, Jeffery E. (1994). Dutro, Nancy P., ed. Turtles of the United States and Canada. Washington and London: Smithsonian Institution Press. ISBN 1-56098-346-9. 
  • Ernst, Carl H.; Lovich, Jeffery E. (2009). Turtles of the United States and Canada (2 ed.). JHU Press. ISBN 978-0-8018-9121-2. 
Taxonomy checklists and Conservation status
Common names


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