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I started editing Wikipedia around 2006, but for years my contributions remained infrequent and generally minor. In 2010 I started making more substantial contributions and in 2011 I finally got around to registering as an autoconfirmed user. At about 9000 live edits since then, I'm still not exactly a heavy hitter in terms of volume, but I consider myself a Wikipedian through-and-through and take great pride in the accomplishments of this community -- not just in terms of our content, but also with regard to the way of getting things done (and getting on with each-other) that we've developed. I try to make myself broadly useful in a variety of areas of contribution and feel I have a thorough understanding of how this little project of ours operates.


In terms of article space, I contribute largely in the areas of...

I also contribute widely through a variety of process pages:

  • I spend a good deal of time on RfC discussions and in article talk space generally.
  • I try to make time now and again for various of the other routine work available on AfD, AfC, requested translations, requested articles, GA nominations, community and policy discussion areas, ANI and other noticeboards, and even SPI, when necessary.
  • I also frequently contribute guidance at the reference desks and often find it one of the more rewarding experiences on Wikipedia, especially when I can marry it to general editing of an article brought to mind in the discussion.
  • I'm a member of a handful of Wikiprojects relating to some of the topics I contribute to in mainspace.
  • I venture on rare occasion to the Wikipedias of other languages to translate/transwiki the occasional article.
  • I hit up our sister projects on occasion, particularly Meta, Commons and Wiktionary.
  • I do some ever-so-slightly more technical work with templates and complex tables wherever I find something that could use the attention, either while pursuing the above or encountering the issue through community forums.

Looking forward

Presuming I can wrangle some of those pesky and numerous other life obligations, I'm hoping to broaden my contributions into some significant new areas.

  • I've already begun to engage in the daunting process of reviving some flagging WikiProjects which I think are far too underdeveloped for the importance of their subject matter. This is part of a broader interest in editor retention efforts. I'm going to be requesting mass-mailer privileges for this purpose very soon.
  • I hope to start contributing some free license photographic content to the project in the near future.
  • I've got a truly monstrous back-log of content contributions that I've committed myself to seeing through first, but I may well eventually see about whether the community would judge me to be a good candidate for a mop.

If any of the above areas are of interest to you and you have an uphill task within them, or really any subject or process, do not hesitate to drop me a line; collaboration is more than half the fun. :)

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Current miscellany

Community notices, requests and project coordination; visitors, please feel free to add comments, subpages or other items in this section

  • WP:WikiProject Dance needs you! Come on people, I know your feet move to the rhythm -- let your fingers groove in solidarity! --Snow talk
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