World Artistic Gymnastics Championships – Men's rings

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The men's still rings competition was an inaugural event at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. It was not held in 1905 and 1907.

Three medals are awarded: gold for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place. Tie breakers have not been used in every year. In the event of a tie between two gymnasts, both names are listed, and the following position (second for a tie for first, third for a tie for second) is left empty because a medal was not awarded for that position. If three gymnastics tied for a position, the following two positions are left empty.


Bold number in brackets denotes record number of victories.

Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1903 Belgium Antwerp France Joseph Martinez France Joseph Lux
Belgium François Walravens
1905 France Bordeaux No rings event held
1907 Austria-Hungary Prague No rings event held
1909 Luxembourg Luxembourg Italy Giorgio Romano
France Marco Torrès
- Bohemia František Erben
Italy Angelo Mozzoncini
Italy Giorgio Zampori
1911 Italy Turin Bohemia Ferdinand Steiner Italy Pietro Bianchi
France Antoine Costa
France Dominique Follaci
1913 France Paris Italy Guido Boni
France Laurent Grech
France Marco Torrès
Italy Giorgio Zampori
- -
1915–1917 Not held due to World War I
1922 Kingdom of Yugoslavia Ljubljana Czechoslovakia Miroslav Karásek
Czechoslovakia Josef Malý
Kingdom of Yugoslavia Leon Štukelj
Kingdom of Yugoslavia Peter Šumi
- -
1926 France Lyon Kingdom of Yugoslavia Leon Štukelj Czechoslovakia Ladislav Vácha Czechoslovakia Bedřich Šupčík
1930 Luxembourg Luxembourg Czechoslovakia Emanuel Löffler Czechoslovakia Bedřich Šupčík Czechoslovakia Jan Gajdoš
1934 Hungary Budapest Czechoslovakia Alois Hudec Switzerland Eugene Mack Czechoslovakia Jaroslav Kollinger
Luxembourg Mathias Logelin
1938 Czechoslovakia Prague Czechoslovakia Alois Hudec Switzerland Michael Reusch Czechoslovakia Vratislav Petráček
1942 Not held due to World War II
1950 Switzerland Basel Switzerland Walther Lehmann Finland Olavi Rove Switzerland Hans Eugster
1954 Italy Rome Soviet Union Albert Azaryan Soviet Union Yevgeny Korolkov Soviet Union Valentin Muratov
1958 Soviet Union Moscow Soviet Union Albert Azaryan Japan Nobuyuki Aihara Soviet Union Yuri Titov
1962 Czechoslovakia Prague Soviet Union Yuri Titov Japan Yukio Endō
Soviet Union Boris Shakhlin
1966 West Germany Dortmund Soviet Union Mikhail Voronin Japan Akinori Nakayama Italy Franco Menichelli
1970 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ljubljana Japan Akinori Nakayama Japan Mitsuo Tsukahara Soviet Union Mikhail Voronin
1974 Bulgaria Varna Soviet Union Nikolai Andrianov
Romania Dănuţ Grecu
- Poland Andrzej Szajna
1978 France Strasbourg Soviet Union Nikolai Andrianov Soviet Union Alexander Dityatin Romania Dănuţ Grecu
1979 United States Fort Worth Soviet Union Alexander Dityatin Romania Dănuţ Grecu Soviet Union Aleksandr Tkachyov
1981 Soviet Union Moscow Soviet Union Alexander Dityatin China Huang Yubin Soviet Union Bogdan Makuts
1983 Hungary Budapest Soviet Union Dmitry Bilozerchev
Japan Kōji Gushiken
- China Li Ning
1985 Canada Montreal Soviet Union Yuri Korolyov
China Li Ning
- Soviet Union Yuri Balobanov
Japan Kyoji Yamawaki
1987 Netherlands Rotterdam Soviet Union Yuri Korolyov Soviet Union Dmitry Bilozerchev
China Li Ning
1989 West Germany Stuttgart West Germany Andreas Aguilar East Germany Andreas Wecker Italy Yuri Chechi
Soviet Union Vitaly Marinich
1991 United States Indianapolis Soviet Union Grigory Misutin Germany Andreas Wecker Italy Yuri Chechi
1992 France Paris Commonwealth of Independent States Vitaly Scherbo Hungary Szilveszter Csollány Commonwealth of Independent States Grigory Misutin
1993 United Kingdom Birmingham Italy Yuri Chechi Germany Andreas Wecker Belarus Ivan Ivankov
1994 Australia Brisbane Italy Yuri Chechi United States Paul O'Neill Germany Valery Belenky
Romania Dan Burincă
1995 Japan Sabae Italy Yuri Chechi Romania Dan Burincă Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev
1996 Puerto Rico San Juan Italy Yuri Chechi Hungary Szilveszter Csollány
Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev
1997 Switzerland Lausanne Italy Yuri Chechi (5) Hungary Szilveszter Csollány Belarus Ivan Ivankov
1999 China Tianjin China Dong Zhen Hungary Szilveszter Csollány Greece Dimosthenis Tampakos
2001 Belgium Ghent Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev Hungary Szilveszter Csollány Italy Andrea Coppolino
2002 Hungary Debrecen Hungary Szilveszter Csollány Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev Italy Matteo Morandi
2003 United States Anaheim Greece Dimosthenis Tampakos
Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev
- Italy Andrea Coppolino
Italy Matteo Morandi
2005 Australia Melbourne Netherlands Yuri van Gelder Russia Alexander Safoshkin Italy Matteo Morandi
2006 Denmark Aarhus China Chen Yibing Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev Netherlands Yuri van Gelder
2007 Germany Stuttgart China Chen Yibing Netherlands Yuri van Gelder Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev
2009 United Kingdom London China Yan Mingyong Bulgaria Yordan Yovchev Ukraine Oleksandr Vorobiov
2010 Netherlands Rotterdam China Chen Yibing China Yan Mingyong Italy Matteo Morandi
2011 Japan Tokyo China Chen Yibing Brazil Arthur Zanetti Japan Kōji Yamamuro
2013 Belgium Antwerp Brazil Arthur Zanetti Russia Aleksandr Balandin United States Brandon Wynn
2014 China Nanning China Liu Yang Brazil Arthur Zanetti Russia Denis Ablyazin
China You Hao
2015 United Kingdom Glasgow Greece Eleftherios Petrounias China You Hao China Liu Yang
2017 Canada Montreal Greece Eleftherios Petrounias Russia Denis Ablyazin China Liu Yang
2018 Qatar Doha
2019 Germany Stuttgart

All-time medal count[edit]

Last updated after the 2017 World Championships.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union 12 4 7 23
2  China 8 4 4 16
3  Italy 8 1 11 20
4  Czechoslovakia 5 2 4 11
5  France 4 3 0 7
6  Greece 3 0 1 4
7  Yugoslavia 3 0 0 3
8  Bulgaria 2 4 2 8
 Japan 2 4 2 8
10  Hungary 1 5 0 6
11  Romania 1 2 2 5
12   Switzerland 1 2 1 4
13  Brazil 1 2 0 3
14  Netherlands 1 1 1 3
15  Bohemia(1) 1 0 1 2
 CIS(2) 1 0 1 2
17  West Germany 1 0 0 1
18  Russia 0 3 1 4
19  Germany 0 2 1 3
20  United States 0 1 1 2
21  Belgium 0 1 0 1
 East Germany 0 1 0 1
 Finland 0 1 0 1
24  Belarus 0 0 2 2
25  Luxembourg 0 0 1 1
 Poland 0 0 1 1
 Ukraine 0 0 1 1
Total 55 43 45 143
(1) Official FIG documents credit medals earned by athletes from Bohemia as medals for Czechoslovakia.
(2) Official documents from the International Gymnastics Federation credit medals earned by athletes from former Soviet Union at the 1992 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Paris, France as medals for CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).