Xizhimen Station

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Beijing Subway
Line 2 platform, Xizhimen station.jpg
Line 2 platforms
Location Xicheng District, Beijing
Coordinates 39°56′26″N 116°21′18″E / 39.9405°N 116.355°E / 39.9405; 116.355Coordinates: 39°56′26″N 116°21′18″E / 39.9405°N 116.355°E / 39.9405; 116.355
Operated by
Platforms 8 (2 island platforms (lines 2 and 4); Spanish solution (line 13) – island platform and 2 side platforms)
Connections Beijing North Railway Station China Railway
Opened September 20, 1984(Line 2)
September 28, 2009(Line 4)
September 28, 2002(Line 13)
Preceding station   Beijing Subway   Following station
Line 2
towards Fuxingmen
Line 4
towards Gongyixiqiao
Terminus Line 13
towards Dongzhimen

Xizhimen Station (simplified Chinese: 西直门站; traditional Chinese: 西直門站; pinyin: Xīzhímén Zhàn) is an interchange station for Line 2, Line 4 and Line 13 of the Beijing Subway. Just outside this station is Beijing North Railway Station.[1] When Line 4 of the Beijing Subway opened and passed through Xizhimen Station, it became the second 3-way transfer station (the first being Dongzhimen Station). Xizhimen Station is also considered one of the most crowded stations of the whole Beijing Subway system. It sees over 170,000 transfers per day between the 3 lines serving the station.[2]

Service time[edit]

Line 2[edit]

Outer-ring route: 5:09–22:14

Inner-ring route: 5:33–22:41

Line 4[edit]

Towards Anheqiao North: 5:35–23:35

Towards Tiangongyuan: 5:25–22:45

Line 13[edit]

Towards Dongzhimen: 5:35–22:42


The transfer from Line 2 to Line 13 involves climbing stairs, taking an escalator, and going through the relief area. The total length of the transfer is about 400 meters, which takes more than 7 minutes. The transfer from Line 13 to Line 4 is 310 meters, which takes about 6 minutes.[3]


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