List of fictional alien species: Z

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Name Source Type
Zabrak Star Wars Alternative name for the humanoid Iridonian race whose most distinctive feature is the array of small horns on top of their heads. Their home planet is Iridonia, though they have established many colonies on planets throughout the galaxy.[1] The most well known member is Darth Maul.
Zakdorns Star Trek The Zakdorn are a race native to the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Zakdorn are humanoids with pouches of thick, fibrous tissue on their cheeks. They have three pouches per cheek.
Zaldans Star Trek
Zalkonians Star Trek
Zarbi Doctor Who
Zebesians Metroid series
Zen Rigeln Battlelords of the 23rd Century Humanoid
Zen-Whoberis Marvel Comics Humanoid
Zenetan Farscape Humanoid
Zenn-Lavians Marvel Comics Humanoid
Zentradi Macross, adapted as the Zentraedi in Robotech Humanoid
Zerg StarCraft
Zhodani Traveller RPG
Zin Saints Row
Zinoboppian Melonpool
Zirkonian Aliens in the Attic
Zog Renegade Legion Humanoid
Zoni Ratchet & Clank Extradimensional energy-creatures. Can manipulate space and time. Have a hivemind, except for their leader, Orvus. Constructed and maintain the Great Clock.
Zoq-Fot-Pik Star Control
Zorgons Sluggy Freelance
Zorgons Zathura Cold-blooded reptiles that seek heat and matter to burn.
Zygons Doctor Who Shape-shifting humanoid


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