List of fictional alien species: C

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Name Source Type
Caitian Star Trek: The Animated Series Feline humanoid
Calamarain Star Trek
Caleban Frank Herbert's Whipping Star invisible telepathic beings who are actually the minds of stars
Calcinite X-COM: Terror from the Deep
Callineans Star Fleet Humanoid
Caliban C. J. Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe
Capelons Ascendancy
Conductoid Ben 10:Omniverse
Cardassian Star Trek Reptilian Humanoid
Star Trek Reptilian Humanoid
Carggites DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes
Carrionites Doctor Who Humanoid
Cat Red Dwarf Felis Sapiens. Evolved over the course of three million years in deep space, from a domesticated housecat.
Catbug Bravest Warriors A combination part cat and part ladybug, Catbug simultaneously exists in two dimensions; reality and the See-Through Zone.
Cathar Star Wars Cat-like humanoid
Catkind Doctor Who Feline Humanoid.
Cat People Marvel Comics Feline humanoid
Catalyte Utopia
Catteni Anne McCaffrey's Catteni Series
Cavalier Tommy & PJ
Cazare Ratchet & Clank
Celareon Conquest: Frontier Wars
Celatid X-COM: UFO Defense
Celestials Marvel Comics
Celestialsapien Ben 10
Centauri Babylon 5 Humanoid
Centrans Christopher Anvil's Pandora's Planet stories Feline humanoids
Cerebrocrustacians Ben 10 Crab like aliens
Ceti eel Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan bug-like ear parasites from Ceti Alpha V
Chaethe Kathy Tyers's One Mind's Eye
Chalnoth Star Trek
Chamachies Ascendancy
Changeling Star Trek
Chaos Independence War, aka I-War, and Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos
Charrids Farscape Humanoid
Chasch Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure Series Big headed humnoids divided in subspecies.
Chatilian Battlelords of the 23rd Century Humanoid
Cheblons Imperium Galactica II: Alliances
Cheela Dragon's Egg inhabitants of neutron star
Chelonians Doctor Who novels
Chenjesu Star Control Crystalline life-form
Cherubs Homestuck Cherubs are characterized by their green exoskeleton.
Chevanno Utopia
Chi C. J. Cherryh's Chanur novels
Chigs Space: Above and Beyond
Chimera Resistance: Fall of Man Reptilian Hybrids between virus and host
Chimera Sui Generis Ben 10
Chinger Bill, the Galactic Hero
Chiss Star Wars Blue-skinned red-eyed humanoids
Chmmr Star Control
Cho-choi Jack McDevitt's Infinity Beach
Chozo Metroid Bird-like species. Extremely technologically advanced and spread out across the galaxy.
Chronian Ben 10: Race Against Time Looks just like a human. They have vast Time manipulation powers and able to create Energy beams.
Chronomyst Ascendancy
Chryssalid X-COM: UFO Defense
Cinnrusskin James White's Sector General series
Cirronians Tracker
Cizerack Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Clairconctlar Star Control 3
Clutch Turtles Liaden universe
Cocytans The Dig Furry, bird-like beings trapped in "Spacetime Six", a parallel universe.
Coeurl The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. van Vogt Similar to a big cat; prehensile tentacles sprouting from shoulders. Feeds on potassium and/or organic phosphorus.
Cognocenti Star Trek
Colatas Farscape Humanoid
Cole Tracker
Colonists The X-Files
Colour out of space H. P. Lovecraft
Coluans DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes
Combine Half-Life 2 an alien empire; note: many of the "Combine" seen in the game are actually humans that have been assimilated or collaborate as brutal police troopers.
Coneheads Saturday Night Live Humanoid with conical heads
Control Brains Invader Zim The Control Brains assign the Irken race with roles and are the unspoken leaders of the Irken Empire.
Coola (Cooler) Dragon Ball Z Humanoid; Reptilian
Coreeshi Farscape Humanoid
Coridanite Star Trek Humanoid
Corporal Giroro Sgt. Frog
Corvallen Star Trek Reptilian Humanoid
Cosmo the Seedrian Sonic X Human Plant
Covenant, The Halo Collective of alien species who are allied with each other, Composed of Grunts, Brutes, Elites, Hunters, Jackals, and Prophets. Religious Hierarchy with intent to destroy the Human Race.
Cranassians Raiden Hi-tech aliens that has control over red crystals with unlimited powers, which are used to power up their weapons and equipment.
Cragmite Ratchet & Clank
Creators Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
Crites Critters films carnivorous hairballs
Cryons Doctor Who Humanoid
Ctarl-Ctarl Outlaw Star
Cthulhi Cthulhu Mythos
Cthulhu Cthulhu Mythos
Cybermen Doctor Who Marauding cybernetic life-forms. Originally an alien race driven to conversion by catastrophic climate change, more recently reimagined as assimilated humans.
Cybertronian Transformers Large robots able to change their shape at will into other mechanical constructs. Known more commonly as Transformers.
Cybyota Orion's Arm
Cyclons Metroid series
Cylons Battlestar Galactica Sentient robots. Remnants of a civilization of reptilian aliens (also known as Cylons) in the original series, but created by humans in the remake series. Both mechanical and biological flesh-and-blood versions co-exist, with the biological versions in charge.
Cynoid Master of Orion III
Cyrollan The Journeyman Project