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Editor-in-chief Manuel Ochsenreiter
Categories News magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1 January 2010; 6 years ago (2010-01-01)
Country Germany
Based in Berlin
Language German
Website Zuerst
OCLC number 690427829

Zuerst! (First! in English) is a monthly German news magazine published in Germany. The magazine has a far-right-wing political stance.


Zuerst! was founded in January 2010 as a successor to now defunct Nation & Europa magazine.[1] It was supported by right-wing publishers in Germany.[2] The publisher of the magazine was Lesen und Schenken.[3][4] At that time the distributor of the magazine was Bauer media group which also owned it later.[4][5] In September 2012, the group sold Zuerst! due to criticism by Der Spiegel.[5][6]

Editors of the magazine also write for other right-wing publications.[2] The former editor-in-chief of Zuerst! is Günther Deschner.[2] The current editor-in-chief is Manuel Ochsenreiter.[7][8]

The monthly which provides news on economy, current affairs, travel and culture, is also distributed in Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and South Tyrol.[3][9]

Political leaning and controversy[edit]

Zuerst reported its political leaning and policy as follows: "The German news magazine ZUERST! will serve German - not foreign - interests."[1] Immediately after its first issue the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution announced that the content of the magazine was against the "unending de-nazification efforts", advocating revisionist theories on national boundaries, and the terrorist activities of the "South Tirolean Freedom Fighters" in the 1960s.[1]

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