German Social Union (West Germany)

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German Social Union
Deutsch-Soziale Union
President Otto Strasser
Founded June 17, 1956 (1956-06-17)
Dissolved May 25, 1962 (1962-05-25)
Preceded by Black Front
(not legal predecessor)
Headquarters Munich
Ideology Neo-Nazism
Political position Third Position
International affiliation None
Colours ‹See Tfm›     Black
Politics of Germany
Political parties
For the East German opposition group see German Social Union (East Germany)

German Social Union (German: Deutsch-Soziale Union) was a Neo-Nazi political party founded in Germany in 1956 by Otto Strasser, who advocated a relatively more left-wing position in the far-right Nazi Party. It was intended to more closely combine German nationalism and socialism. It was dissolved in 1962.

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