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Aesop Rock discography

Aesop Rock live in concert.
Studio albums 6
EPs 3
Singles 10
Music videos 9
Guest appearances 43
Production credits 13
Appearances on compilations 14
Collaborations 4

Aesop Rock is an American hip hop artist currently signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. His discography consists of six studio albums, and three EPs, as well as ten singles, four collaborations, one compilation, nine music videos, and many appearances on other artists' tracks and on compilations.

Aesop initially recorded and released two self-financed records, Music for Earthworms in 1997 and the Appleseed EP in 1999. After being signed to the Mush label, Aesop Rock released his first major album, Float in 2000. Shortly thereafter, Aesop Rock signed to Manhattan-based hip hop label Definitive Jux, where he has since released Labor Days in 2001, Bazooka Tooth in 2003, and None Shall Pass in 2007. Skelethon, was released by Rhymesayers Entertainment in 2012.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions[1] Notes
US US R&B US Rap US Ind.
1997 Music for Earthworms
  • Self-released on CD-R
  • Debut release
2000 Float
  • Released: September 5, 2000
  • Format: CD, LP, cassette
  • Label: Mush Records (MH #222)
  • Record label debut
2001 Labor Days
  • First major release on Definitive Jux
2003 Bazooka Tooth
  • Released: September 23, 2003
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download
  • Label: Definitive Jux (DJX #68)
112 44 7
2007 None Shall Pass
  • Released: August 28, 2007
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download
  • Label: Definitive Jux (DJX #144)
50 35
  • US Sales: 73,000[3]
  • Highest selling album
2012 Skelethon 21 5 2 1
  • U.S. Sales: 41,000+
  • 6th solo studio album, his most recent release
  • Highest Billboard charting album
  • Highest first-week sales
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

Downloadable mixes[edit]

Year Title Notes
2007 All Day: Nike+ Original Run
  • US Sales: 20,000[4]
  • Continuous 45-minute instrumental track.
  • Released in conjunction between Nike and Apple to advertise the Nike+iPod
2014 The Blob
  • Continuous 32-minute mix.
  • Released as a free download via SoundCloud.

Extended plays[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions[1] Notes
U.S. U.S. R&B U.S. Heat. U.S. Ind.
1999 Appleseed
  • Format: CD-R, cassette
  • Label: self-released
  • Self-released on CD-R.
2002 Daylight
  • Release date: February 5, 2002
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download
  • Label: Definitive Jux (DJX #21)
2005 Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives
  • Release date: February 22, 2005
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download
  • Label: Definitive Jux
    (DJX #106 and #107)
190 100 9 21
  • US Sales: 30,000[6]
  • Two versions were released:
    • The initial pressing was packaged with an 88-page lyrics booklet.
    • Subsequent pressings omitted the booklet but included a bonus track, "Facemelter".
  • The two versions are catalogued as DJX #106 and DJX #107 respectively.
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


Year Title Album
2001 "Coma" Labor Days
2001 "Daylight" Labor Days & Daylight
2003 "Limelighters" Bazooka Tooth
2004 "All in All" Def Jux Presents 3
2006 "Fishtales" non-album single
2007 "None Shall Pass" None Shall Pass
2012 "Zero Dark Thirty" Skelethon
"ZZZ Top"

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Producer
1997 "Abandon All Hope"[7] Ian Bavitz
2003 "Freeze" Michael Kuhn
"No Jumper Cables" Joey Garfield
2005 "Fast Cars" Asif Mian
2007 "None Shall Pass" Michael Kuhn
"Coffee" Ace Norton
2012 "Zero Dark Thirty" Brooke Kennedy
"ZZZ Top" Lizzie Rose
"Cycles to Gehenna" Ben Fee & Pete Lee
"Homemade Mummy" Unspecified

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Song Artist(s) Album
2001 "Put Your Quarter Up" Molemen with Slug and MF DOOM Ritual of The... Revisited and Remastered
"Water" Atoms Family Euphony
"Coma (Remix)"
"Sinister" Atoms Family with Yeshua Dapoed
"Blacklist" Prefuse 73, with MF DOOM Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
2002 "Take me to the Basement" The Opus First Contact 001
"Killing Time" Illogic Got Lyrics?
"Dry Bones (remix)" Oddjobs with Vast Aire, Kimani "Dry Bones" 12"
"Flesh (remix)" Atmosphere "Godlovesugly" 12"
"Success" Mr. Lif I Phantom
"Delorean" El-P Fantastic Damage
2003 "Obsolete" Blueprint with Slug, Eyedea, and Illogic The Weightroom
"Secret Agents" Chase Phoenix Cut to the Chase
"Kill 'em All (remix)" RJD2 Loose Ends
"Final Frontier (remix)" RJD2 with Blueprint, Murs, Vast Aire The Horror
"Happy Pillz" Murs The End of the Beginning
"Love to Fuck" S.A. Smash Smashy Trashy
"Shut Down" Push Button Objects Ghetto Blaster
2004 "Encounter" Blueprint Chamber Music
"Hold Mine" Blueprint with Slug, Illogic, and Eyedea Printmatic: Vitamins and Minerals EP
"Apocalypse Zone" Cryptic One The Anti-Mobius Theory
"Time Capsule" Illogic with Vast Aire Celestial Clockwork
"Crooked" Evil Nine You Can Be Special Too
"Jet Son" Blockhead with Camu Tao Sunday Seance
"Kill Switch" DJ Krush Jaku
"Posse Slash" Vast Aire with Karniege, Breez Evahflowin, Poison Pen Look Mom ... No Hands
2005 "Worlds Collide" Rasco The Dick Swanson Theory
"Lo-Fi Funk" Blueprint 1988
"Sabbatical with Options" Prefuse 73 Surrounded by Silence
"Poems 4 Post Modern Decay" Zion I True & Livin'
"Voltronic Instructional Espionage" Grayskul Deadlivers
"Try to Remember" Hangar 18 The Donkey Show Volume 1
"Helium" Vordul Mega Yung World
"Akinesia" Tame One & The Dusted Dons Slow Suicide Stimulus
"Nuclear Five" The Presence with Karniege, and Masai Bey Common Man's Anthems
"Left it to Us" Cage with El-P, Tame One, and Yak Ballz Hell's Winter
2006 "Take, Hold, Fire" Mr. Lif with El-P Mo' Mega
"Side Two" DJ Ese with Babbletron Side Two
2007 "Run the Numbers" El-P I'll Sleep When You're Dead
"The Office" Grayskul with Slug Bloody Radio
"Smoke if You Got'um" Rob Sonic Sabotage Gigante
"Catch 22" Grimace Federation Tasted by Chemists
"Borrowedtime" Luckyiam with Slug Most Likely to Succeed
"The Dirt and the Filth" Percee P Perseverance
2008 "Dirt" Tobacco Fucked Up Friends
"Alchemy" Blueprint Iron & Niacin
"Lovecraft in Brooklyn" remix The Mountain Goats Heretic Pride
"Side Two (CCP Remix)" Cool Calm Pete Loosies - Remixes and Other Oddities
"The Explanation" The Gigantics Die Already
2009 "Diabolical Fun (Remix)" Illogic Diabolical Fun
"Low Tide" DJ Signify Of Cities
"Sink Or Swim"
"Molly" Tame One Acid Tab Vocab
"Stand Up" Awol One Owl Hours
"Give It Up" Felt Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez
2010 "Primor" Dark Time Sunshine Vessel

Production credits[edit]

Year Track(s) Artist Album
2000 "Float"
"Big Bang"
"6B Panorama"
"How to be a Carpenter"
"The Mayor and the Crook"
Aesop Rock Float
2001 "Kill 'em All" various artists Definitive Jux Presents
"One Brick"
Aesop Rock Labor Days
"Wise Up" various artists Tag of the Times 3
2002 "Bracket Basher" Aesop Rock Daylight
"Dead Pan" various artists Definitive Jux Presents 2
2003 "Bazooka Tooth"
"N.Y. Electric"
"No Jumper Cables"
"Super Fluke"
"The Greatest Pac-Man Victory
in History"
"Kill the Messenger"
"Mars Attacks"
Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth
2004 "All in All"
"You're Dead to Me"
various artists Definitive Jux Presents III
2005 "Zodiaccupuncture"
"Rickety Rackety"
"Food, Clothes, Medicine"
Aesop Rock Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives
"Knowledge" C-Rayz Walz Year of the Beast
2007 "All Day" Aesop Rock Nike + Original Run
"Keep off the Lawn"
"Catacomb Kids"
"39 Thieves"
"Five Fingers"
None Shall Pass
"Give Me Love" Grayskul Bloody Radio

Original contributions to compilations[edit]

Year Tracks Album Other contributing artists
1999 "Tugboat Complex" Inside Out: Vol. 1
2000 "The Active Element" Ropeladder 12''[8]
2001 "Kill 'em All" Def Jux Presents
"Wise Up" Tags of the Times 3
2002 "Skip Town"
"Dinner with Blockhead"
Modern Montra
(DJ Spooky mix album)
"Dead Pan" Def Jux Presents 2
"Train Buffer" Urban Renewal
"Inner City Hustle" Embedded Studios Presents:
The Bedford Files
with L.I.F.E. Long[9]
2003 "Numb (To the Guns)" Nature Sounds Presents:
The Prof. In... Convexed Sampler
"Dragon Coaster" The Bastard EP 12'' with Mojo
"Miss By A Mile" We Came From Beyond, Vol. 2 with Slug and Eyedea
2004 "All in All" Def Jux Presents 3
2005 "Preservation" Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture with Del tha Funkee Homosapien
"Junkyard" NBA 2K6: The Tracks


The Weathermen[edit]

Hail Mary Mallon[edit]

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