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Type Public
Industry Computer software
Founded Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (1970)
Headquarters Cecil Township, Pennsylvania, USA
Key people Peter J. Smith, Chairman
James E. Cashman, III, President & CEO
Products ANSYS Multiphysics
ANSYS Workbench
(See complete listing.)
Revenue IncreaseUS$691M (FY 2011)[1]
Operating income IncreaseUS$265M (FY 2011)[2]
Net income IncreaseUS$180M (FY 2011)[3]
Total assets IncreaseUS$1.92B (FY 2009)[4]
Total equity IncreaseUS$1.31B (FY 2009)[4]
Employees +2,200 (2012)
The ANSYS, Inc. Headquarters Building in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania

ANSYS, Inc. is an engineering simulation software (computer-aided engineering, or CAE) developer that is headquartered south of Pittsburgh in the Southpointe business park in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania, United States.

ANSYS was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1996. In late 2011, ANSYS received the highest possible score on its SmartSelect Composite Ratings according to Investor's Business Daily.[5] The organization reinvests 15 percent of its revenues each year into research to continually refine the software.[6]

Products Overview[edit]

ANSYS offers engineering simulation solution sets in engineering simulation that a design process requires. Companies in a wide variety of industries use ANSYS software. The tools put a virtual product through a rigorous testing procedure (such as crashing a car into a brick wall, or running for several years on a tarmac road) before it becomes a physical object.




  • Columbia Power wave energy device shape optimization to reduce maintenance costs and breakdowns[12]
  • Indar Electric permanent magnet wind turbine generator optimization for reliable operation[13]


Consumer products

  • Dyson bladeless fan airflow performance optimization[16]
  • Speedo FASTSKIN3 Racing System drag reduction[17]


Simulation Technology: Structural Mechanics, Multiphysics, Fluid Dynamics, Explicit Dynamics, Electromagnetics, Hydrodynamics (AQWA).

Workflow Technology: ANSYS Workbench Platform, High-Performance Computing, Geometry Interfaces, Simulation Process & Data Management.


The company was founded in 1970. by Dr. John A. Swanson as Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc (SASI). Its primary purpose was to develop and market finite element analysis software for structural physics that could simulate static (stationary), dynamic (moving) and thermal (heat transfer) problems. SASI developed its business in parallel with the growth in computer technology and engineering needs. The company grew by 10 percent to 20 percent each year, and in 1994 it was sold to TA Associates. The new owners took SASI’s leading software, called ANSYS®, as their flagship product and designated ANSYS, Inc. as the new company name.


ANSYS has acquired a number of companies since 2000, including ICEM CFD Engineering, CADOE, CFX (2003), Century Dynamics, Harvard Thermal, Fluent Inc. (2006), Ansoft Corporation (2008), Apache Design Solutions (2011), Esterel Technologies (2012), EVEN (2013), Reaction Design (2013),[18] and Spaceclaim Corporation (2014).[19]


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