Arnfinn Bergmann

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Arnfinn Bergmann
Medal record
Men's ski jumping
Olympic Games
Gold 1952 Oslo Individual large hill
World Championships
Bronze 1950 Lake Placid Individual large hill

Arnfinn Bergmann (14 October 1928 – 13 February 2011) was a ski jumper from Norway.

He was born in Trondheim and represented the clubs SK Freidig and SFK Lyn.[1] He won a gold medal in the normal hill event at the 1952 Winter Olympics, accompanied on the podium by Torbjørn Falkanger who won the silver medal. Bergmann also earned the bronze medal at the 1950 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and won the ski jumping event at the Holmenkollen ski festival in 1952. For his ski jumping success, Bergmann received the Holmenkollen medal in 1956 (shared with Borghild Niskin and Arne Hoel).


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