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Founded 21 May 1968
Fleet size 1
Destinations Charters
Parent company Genex Group
Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia
Key people Bojan Nikolic
Website aviogenex.com

Aviogenex (literary Serbian: Aviogeneks / Авиогенекс) is a charter airline based in Belgrade, Serbia. It operates regular and ad hoc charter flights, and wet-lease services, worldwide. Its main base is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.[1]


Tu-134 of Aviogenex at Zürich Airport in 1982

Aviogenex has more than 40 years of experience in flying under charter, sub charter and wet lease agreements. Aviogenex was founded on 21 May 1968 as an air transport division of Generalexport, an enterprise for foreign and domestic trade, tourism and air transport.[1] On 30 April 1969 Aviogenex operated its first flight from Belgrade to Düsseldorf on a Tu-134 aircraft.

In 1990 the airline flew 633,932 passengers, with 10 aircraft (5 Boeing 727 and 5 Boeing 737) reaching 17,000 flight hours per year.[2] Since 1991 Aviogenex has oriented to leasing of aircraft and crews, and achieved more than 40,000 flight hours. In this period Aviogenex operated in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, and South America. In 2010 they restarted flights under their own name using a Boeing 737-200 Advanced.[3]


The Aviogenex fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of September 2014):[4]

Aviogenex Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Arriving Passengers Notes
J Y Total
Boeing 737-200 Advanced 1 0 0 125 125
Total 1 0

Historic fleet:


Aviogenex Boeing 727-276 Advanced at Faro Airport in blue livery, 1980s


A Aviogenex Boeing 737-200 coming into land at London Heathrow Airport in 2009

Aviogenex can provide aircraft and crew at short notice. The company can operate VIP flights and humanitarian aid cargo flights.

Aviogenex services include:

  • International and domestic charter operations
  • Aircraft lease with or without crew and technical personnel ("wet" or "dry" lease)
  • Transfer of technology/know-how and logistic support
  • AGX Engineering Dept maintains Boeing 727-200 and Boeing 737-200 Adv aircraft, to "B"-check level, and operates maintenance facilities (workshops) for its own needs and for the needs of others
  • Aviogenex has a Training Center approved by the Ministry for Transportation of the Republic of Serbia for the education and training of its flight and ground staff, cockpit and cabin crew.
  • Carriage of cargo and special cargoes
  • Ad-hoc transport arrangements for special purposes (artistic tours, football matches, VIP flights etc.)

Operating for Jat Airways[edit]

Aviogenex and Jat Airways extended their wet-lease agreement adding Aviogenex’s Boeing 737 to Jat Airways’ fleet operating scheduled and non-scheduled flights across Europe. Aviogenex has already operated services for Jat across Europe on scheduled and non-scheduled flights. The agreement ended as of October 2013.

People behind Aviogenex[edit]

Aviogenex Boeing 727 at Zürich Airport in 1995
  • Pilots 7 (TRE 1, TRI 2)
  • Cabin Crew Members 17
  • Ground engineers 12
  • Licensed Flight Dispatchers 4


  • Managing Director: Mr. Bojan Nikolić
  • Deputy Managing Director: Mrs. Ljubica Milić-Ristić
  • Quality Manager: Mr. Miodrag Ilic
  • Safety Manager: Mr. Bojan Nikolic

Heads of Operations[edit]

  • Flight Operations: Mr. Slobodan Rajković Capt. Inst.
  • Maintenance: Mr. Nebojsa Popović
  • Training: Mr. Slobodan Rajković Capt. Inst.
  • Ground operations and Commercial Department: Mr. Milorad Kokorus

Incidents and accidents[edit]

  • On 23 May 1971, an Aviogenex Tupolev Tu-134A (tail number YU-AHZ) crashed on approach to Rijeka Airport located on the island of Krk, because of rough landing in bad weather conditions,[6][7] killing 78 people and leaving five survivors. Among the victims was the Croatian poet Josip Pupačić with his wife and daughter.


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