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Bea Fiedler "the bee" (born 28 June 1957 in Witten, Germany) is a German topless model who entered a paternity suit against Prince Albert of Monaco in 1987. While Prince Albert did provide DNA material, paternity could not be established or dismissed as Prince Albert did not provide the material with witnesses present. He states that it was his, Bea Fiedler says that it was not. The court decided not to rule either way as it could not be established whether the DNA was provided by the prince himself.[1][2]

In June 1977 she was German Playboy Playmate of the Month.

She acted in the German film Graf Dracula beißt jetzt in Oberbayern (Dracula Blows His Cool), a 1979 vampire flick by Lisa/Barthonia Films, Germany. She also appeared in the Lemon Popsicle sequel Roman Za'ir (also called Baby Love). She also acted as "The Champagne Girl", changing from one outrageous costume to the next in each of her scenes, in the movie Linda, released in 2003 on DVD.

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