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The Cabinet of Tanzania is the most senior level of the executive branch of Tanzania and consists of the President, Vice President, President of Zanzibar, Prime Minister and all the Ministers.[1] Deputy Ministers are not part of the cabinet.

Current Cabinet[edit]

Party key Chama Cha Mapinduzi
Cabinet of Tanzania: 24 January 2015 – Present[2][3]
Portrait Portfolio Incumbent Term
Jakaya Kikwete 2011 (cropped).jpg President
Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces
H.E. Dr Jakaya Kikwete 2005–
No image.svg Vice President H.E. Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal 2010–
Ali Mohamed Shein.jpg President of Zanzibar (Semi-autonomous region) H.E. Dr Ali Mohamed Shein 2010–
Mizengo Pinda, Prime Minister of Tanzania.jpg Prime Minister Rt. Hon Mizengo Pinda MP 2008–
Wasira pic 2012.jpg Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives Hon. Stephen Wassira MP 2015–
Makame Mbarawa IAEA.png Minister of Communication, Science & Technology Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa MP 2010–
No image.svg Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children Hon. Sophia Simba MP 2010–
Hussein Mwinyi.jpg Minister of Defence and National Service Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi MP 2014–
No image.svg Minister of East African Cooperation Hon. Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe MP 2015–
Shukuru Kawambwa.jpg Minister of Education and Vocational Training Hon. Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa MP 2010–
No image.svg Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. George Simbachawene MP 2015–
Saada Salum.png Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Hon. Saada Salum MP 2014–
Bernard Membe UNDP Tanzania 2010.jpg Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Hon. Bernard Membe MP 2007–
Seif Rashidi.png Minister of Health and Social Welfare Hon. Dr. Seif Rashidi MP 2014–
Mathias Chikawe.jpg Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Mathias Chikawe MP 2014–
Abdallah Kigoda.jpg Minister of Industry and Trade Hon. Abdallah Kigoda MP 2012–
No image.svg Minister of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports Hon. Dr. Fenella Mukangara MP 2012–
Asha-Rose Migiro cropped.jpg Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro MP 2014–
No image.svg Minister of Labour and Employment Hon. Gaudensia Kabaka MP 2010–
William Lukuvi cropped.png Minister of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Hon. William Lukuvi MP 2015–
No image.svg Minister of Livestock Development and Fisheries Hon. Titus Kamani MP 2014–
Lazaro Nyalandu Headshot.jpg Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu MP 2014–
Samuel Sitta.png Minister of Transport Hon. Samuel Sitta MP 2015–
Jumanne Maghembe.png Minister of Water and Irrigation Hon. Prof. Jumanne Maghembe MP 2012–
John Magufuli.jpg Minister of Works Hon. Dr. John Magufuli MP 2010–
Ministers of State in the President's Office:
No image.svg Good Governance Hon. Ret. Capt. George Mkuchika MP 2012–
No image.svg Public Service Management Hon. Celina Kombani MP 2012–
No image.svg Social Relations and Co-ordination Hon. Mary Nagu MP 2015–
Mark Mwandosya.jpg Minister without Portfolio Hon. Prof. Mark Mwandosya MP 2012–
Ministers of State in the Vice President's Office
No image.svg Environment Hon. Binilith Mahenge MP 2014–
No image.svg Union Affairs Hon. Samia Suluhu MP 2010–
Ministers of State in the Prime Minister's Office:
Christopher Chiza.png Investment and Empowerment Hon. Eng. Christopher Chiza MP 2015–
No image.svg Policy, Co-ordination and Parliamentary Affairs Jenista Mhagama 2015–
No image.svg Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Hawa Ghasia MP 2012–
Also attending Cabinet meetings (excluding voting rights)
No image.svg Attorney General George Masaju 2015–

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