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Centinela Avenue is a street in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It generally runs north/south, but also east/west, and is the prime thoroughfare for West Los Angeles, Mar Vista, and Culver City. Centinela Avenue is also a major road in Santa Monica, Ladera Heights, Baldwin Hills, and Inglewood.

Centinela Avenue is not a continuous street but is separated into two parts. The first Centinela Avenue begins near the Brentwood Country Club in Santa Monica (it had an earlier designation of Cambridge St.) It proceeds south as a minor two lane road, ending at the Santa Monica Airport. It is the official dividing line between Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.

The second Centinela Avenue is a long running four lane major thoroughfare. It starts off as Bundy Drive at Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood. Bundy Drive is a congested north/south four lane thoroughfare that passes through the heart of West Los Angeles and is infamous for being the street where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered on June 12, 1994. South of the Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10) in West Los Angeles near the Santa Monica Airport, Bundy Drive turns into the next Centinela Avenue, a few feet east of where the previous one ended. Bundy Drive is proposed to intersect with the Metro Expo Line, serving a station of the same name, which will be located directly south of Olympic Boulevard.

At its intersection with Jefferson Boulevard, Centinela Avenue branches out to become an east/west street. It runs parallel to the south of Slauson Avenue. Centinela Avenue ends on Florence Avenue in Inglewood, where Centinela Park and Centinela Regional Medical Center are located.

The north-south portion of the avenue is served by Santa Monica Transit line 14 and Metro Local line 108 and the west-east portion by Metro Local line 110.