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Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Former type Corporation
Industry Video game industry
Fate Merged with Spike
Successors Spike Chunsoft
Founded 1984
Defunct April 1, 2012 [1]
Headquarters 6-24-20 Shiguma Nishi Shinjuku Building 10F, Shinjuku, Tokyo T160-0022
Products Mystery Dungeon
Dragon Quest
Sound Novels
Employees 67

The Chunsoft Co., Ltd. (株式会社チュンソフト Kabushiki-gaisha Chunsofuto?) was a Japanese video game developer specializing in role-playing video game and visual novels. It was founded by Koichi Nakamura, a video game designer from Enix. They are best known as the creators of the Mystery Dungeon series, the first five installments of the Dragon Quest series of role-playing video games, and the Sound Novels series of graphic adventure games. In April 2012, the company merged with Spike to become Spike Chunsoft.

Its name is taken from Chun, a character that appeared in Enix's very first video game, Door Door.


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