Democratic Liberal Party (Italy)

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The Democratic Liberal Party (Partito Liberale Democratico, PLD) was a social-liberal political party in Italy.

It was formed for the 1921 general election by the union of the Radical Party with several other liberal parties, most of whom had taken part to the joint lists between the Radicals and the Liberals in many single-seat constituencies of the country in 1919, gaining 16.0% of the vote and 96 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. In 1921 the PLD gained 10.5% of the vote and 68 seats, doing particularly well in Piedmont and Southern Italy.[1]

After World War II former Radicals and Democrats led by Francesco Saverio Nitti joined the National Democratic Union alongside Liberals and other elements of the old Liberal elite that governed Italy from the years of Giovanni Giolitti until the rise of Benito Mussolini and the instauration of the Fascist regime.


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