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Tomb effigy of Queen Hemma.

Emma of Altdorf, also known as Hemma (803/808 – 31 January 876) was the wife of Louis the German, and Queen consort of Eastern Francia.


Her father was Welf, Count of Altorf; her mother was Heilwig of Saxony (born c. 775, died after 833), the daughter of Count Isanbart. Her sister was Judith (sometimes called of Bavaria), who was the second wife of Emperor Louis the Pious, and by marriage Queen and Empress of the Franks.

In 827 at Regensburg, Emma married Louis the German, son of the Carolingian Emperor Louis, and stepson of Emma's sister. She was thus from 817–843 Queen consort of Bavaria. She was given in 833, by her husband Louis, Obermünster Abbey in Regensburg.

She is described as having had great qualities: an uncommon courage and talent, deployed on more than one occasion. In particular, she led an army against Adelchis of Benevento, when he revolted against Louis the German; it is said that, frightened by the arrival of the Queen, the traitor fled by boat to seek safety in Corsica. The Annals of Saint-Bertin however reproach Emma for a pride which displeased the people of Italy.

With the Treaty of Verdun in 843, she became Queen Consort of Eastern Francia. She died on 31 January 876, and was buried in St. Emmeram's Abbey, Regensburg.


By Louis, she had seven children:

Her sons became Kings; three of her daughters became nuns.

Preceded by
Ermengarde of Hesbaye
Queen consort of Bavaria
Title next held by
Preceded by
Judith, daughter of Welf
First following the Treaty of Verdun
Queen consort of East Francia (Germany)
Succeeded by
Liutgard, Queen consort of Saxony
(Eventually Queen consort of East Francia)
Succeeded by
Richardis, Queen consort of Swabia
(Eventually Queen consort of East Francia)