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Jason Hogart
Degrassi: The Next Generation character
First appearance Pride, Part 1 (episode 3.04)
Last appearance The Rest of My Life, Part 4 (episode 9.23)
Portrayed by Mike Lobel
Occupation Mechanic
Degrassi Community School (dropped out)
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed step mother
Spouse(s) Manuella "Manny" Santos (engaged)
Relatives Granny Hogart (grandmother)
Uncle Larry

Jason "Jay" Hogart, played by Mike Lobel, is a fictional character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. He is usually portrayed as the school bully and bad boy, but later throughout the series he displays instances of conscience that make him more of an anti-hero. Jay's mother died when he was young and he lost touch with his dad after he made a scene at the wedding between his dad and his step-mom.

Season 3[edit]

His first appearance is in the episode "Pride". He confronts Marco Del Rossi and tells him he should stay away from Dylan, who he calls "Homochuck."

Jay Hogart was well-known around Degrassi for being bad, mostly because of his tendencies to get into physical fights with other students, and he even had a mini-gang which included his friend Towerz, his girlfriend Alex, Alex's friend Amy, and later Sean Cameron. They stole candy, a laptop, a DVD player, broke into the school, and got into fights. This gang went on to be known to fans as "The Candy Bandits".

Season 4[edit]

When Rick Murray returns to Degrassi, Jay, along with the entire school, bullies him. After Jimmy and Spinner push him into a garbage bin while he was trying to find his hat that they had thrown into the bin, he spray paints an X onto the side windows of both Spinner's and Jay's cars.

Alex, Jay, and Spinner all plot to ruin Rick on his appearance on the academic show "Whack Your Brain" knowing he would make it to the final round. When Jimmy is forced into also being in the show, he comes to see that Rick is very much trying to be accepted and that he's changed, leading Jimmy to become friendly with him. After Rick wins the show, standing proudly on stage, he is doused in yellow paint and feathers. Rick goes home and retrieves his father's handgun, which he carries in his backpack to school where Jay and Spinner are intentionally speaking loudly about how Jimmy was behind the paint and feathers prank. Rick shoots Jimmy in the back, paralyzing him. He meets up with Emma, Sean, and Toby and after pointing the gun at Emma, he and Sean get into a scuffle in which the gun goes off. Rick dies in the struggle. (Time Stands Still Pt. 2 is considered one of the most shocking episodes of the series, and was voted 'Most Go-There Moment' by people on The-N.)

Before his expulsion, Jay spends most of the time at the ravine, where many kids of a 'bad' sort hang out to get drunk, party, do drugs, and have sex. He is one of many who receives oral sex from girls and gives out bracelets as a "prize," with each color corresponding to a sexual act. Emma later becomes one of those girls, but quickly learns that she isn't the only one. Emma later finds out that she has gonorrhea after a doctor's visit. Emma and Jay end their tryst and Jay expresses remorse for also giving girlfriend Alex gonorrhea as well. Alex becomes furious with him after learning that her gonorrhea was a result of Jay having unsafe sexual relations with other girls, including her best friend, Amy. After physically assaulting Amy and ending their friendship, Alex breaks up with Jay.

Season 5[edit]

When JT needs more money to support Liberty and their upcoming baby, he gets a job at a drugstore. Still needing more, Jay suggests selling Oxycodone. Eventually the situation becomes extremely stressful for JT and he unsuccessfully attempts suicide, saved by Jay who calls the ambulance.

With Sean in Wasaga Beach, Towerz moved away, Amy gone, and Alex having dumped him, Jay only has one friend, Spinner. This friendship doesn't last as Jay, thinking he would help Spinner get some "action," tells Darcy that she needs to let Spinner have sex with her or she would lose him. Darcy later tells Spinner, who confronts Jay. Spinner tells Jay that he has changed since becoming a devout Christian and ends their friendship. Finally at the end of school, Jay reconciles his friendship with Alex, comforting her after she comes out to him as a lesbian, despite some of his earlier homophobia, and fully accepts Alex.

Season 6[edit]

Unlike his former friend Spinner, Jay makes the decision not to return to school and finish his education. He is working as a mechanic, later using his connections to find Sean a job. At the opening of season six, he is apparently playing host to Sean, who is now back from Wasaga and enrolled in Degrassi. It is Jay and Sean who spark Peter Stone's interest in cars and street racing.

After one race between Peter and Sean ends up going terribly wrong--Sean hits an innocent man out for a nighttime jog--it is Jay who advises Sean to run away from the scene of the crime. Sean takes Jay's advice, but later gives himself up to the police out of guilt and persuasion on Emma's part. Although Jay is not one to wear his emotions on his sleeve, it is clear that he cares about Sean when he returns to Degrassi to tell Mr. Simpson and Emma that someone should be there to morally support Sean during his hearing, as Jay is unable to attend due to work.

Sean soon finds out about Emma giving Jay oral sex while he was away. When Jay tells Sean that Emma "damn near begged" him to let her do it, Sean gets angry and attempts to punch Jay, but Jay ducks out of the way and Sean hits the wall instead. Later on in the season, Jay and Sean are on good terms again.

Jay begins dating a new girl, Mel, who works at cocktail bar/strip club, Zanzibar. It is Mel who tells Alex about an open waitressing position at the club. Jay then learns, through Mel, that Alex has taken up stripping to earn more money. He mockingly scolds her for lying to Paige, who Alex has recently become involved with romantically again, stating that a lie was not the best foundation for a good relationship. He then also tells Alex that she won't be able to keep her stripping job a secret for long, because eventually word will get around.

Season 7[edit]

Sometime before the episode "Love Is A Battlefield," Mel has broken up with Jay for unknown reasons. To get over the breakup, Jay spends time with Alex and they smoke marijuana together.

After Manny crashes her father's car, she asks Jay to fix it. His payment would be Manny's debut money; however he refuses to take the money since they were only having "fun."

Manny later enlists Jay's help to make her parents call off her 18th birthday party by pretending to be her boyfriend in the hopes that they would be repulsed by Jay, but her parents end up loving Jay instead.

Jay and Manny continue to spend time together. After an evening out, they end up kissing outside of Manny's parents' apartment. Manny's father opens the door, catching them in the act, and exclaims that he should not have trusted Jay and tells Jay he is not welcome at their home ever again. To this, Manny explains that she and Jay were just celebrating because they are engaged. Manny's parents, surprisingly, accept the "engagement" just as long as Manny and Jay plan to get married after Manny graduates from college.

Jay helps Manny for an upcoming audition at Smithsdale, but after a fight, he gives her a DVD of them making out instead. After recounting the story to Jimmy and Spinner, Jay realizes he's made a mistake and rides with the two to switch the CDs out. When Manny realizes Jay switched the tapes, she tries to audition without it, but she stumbles when she sees Jay sitting in the back row of the auditorium, resulting in her being unaccepted into the university. She then tells Jay the ring and the fake engagement means nothing to her and throws the ring on the floor. Jay decides to schmooze the drama professor in charge of the auditions to help Manny get another chance, and succeeds. Manny finally suggests to Jay that they give the engagement another shot "for real" when she is told of everything Jay did in order to help her get another chance.

When Manny decides she wants to meet Jay's parents, Jay tells Manny his parents had been deported to Malta and that, since he was born in Canada, he decided to stay behind. Manny then realizes that Jay is taking their engagement seriously upon learning that her ring has a real diamond. At a school dance, Manny shows Jay tickets to Malta and tells him she really wants to meet his parents, until she figures out that Jay has been lying. They fall out and Jay later discovers Manny doesn't have her ring on, realizing that she sold the ring to buy plane tickets for Malta. He then tells Manny the ring was extremely special to him because it belonged to his mother, who died when he was little.

The day after the dance, they run into each other while attempting to call the other. They decide to tell each other the truth, with Jay telling Manny what happened with his parents. After his father married his a third wife, Jay felt like he chose her over him, so he made a scene at his dad's wedding and lost touch. Manny and Jay decide they would always tell each other the truth and reconcile.

While Jay is upset with Manny for selling his mother's ring, Manny attends an auction to try to sell the Malta tickets, but they end up buying them back. After Jay and Manny have a fight, Jay breaks into the pawn shop and steals back the ring, giving it back to Manny. Manny calls Jay hopeless for breaking in the pawn shop and stealing the ring. Jay responds to Manny by calling her a bitch and the two separate.

Season 8[edit]

At Degrassi it is Sweetheart week and when Spinner lies to Jane about getting accepted to the police academy, he and Jay get drunk together and Jay suggests he should apologize to Jane. Along with Holly J., he gets Spinner and Jane back together and reveals to Holly J. that he is still in love with Manny.

Later during the winter break, Jay goes to California with Studz and Manny. While there he and Manny reconnect. Just before he leaves, Jay reveals to Manny that he still loves her and that he's proud of her. She tells him that she'll be back before he knows it, to which he replies that he will be waiting. The two then share a kiss, restarting their relationship.

Season 9[edit]

Jay appears in the episode "Close To Me". He is seen at The Dot and Spinner's house warming party. And again in Degrassi Takes Manhattan, his uncle Larry is the divorce lawyer Spinner and Emma spoke to but decided not to use. He and Manny are still together.


  • Alex Nuñez
    • Start Up: Before "Gangsta Gangsta" (306)
    • Broke Up: "Secret, Part Two" (415)
      • Reason: Jay cheated on Alex with many different girls and gave her gonorrhea
  • Mel
    • Start Up: Before "Don't You Want Me, Part One" (618)
    • Broke Up: Before "Love Is A Battlefield" (703)
      • Reason: Unexplained.
  • Manny Santos
    • First Relationship
      • Start Up: "We Got The Beat" (706)
      • Broke Up: "Bust a Move, Part One" (713)
        • Reason: Jay was taking their fake engagement, like it was real.
    • Second Relationship
      • Start Up: "Bust a Move, Part Two" (714)
      • Broke Up: "Ladies Night" (720)
        • Reason: Jay broke into a pawn shop and steals back his ring that Manny hawked, and Manny is upset about it.
    • Third Relationship