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Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned, originally known as Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned or GTA: TLAD, is the first of two episodic expansion packs developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto IV, developed by Rockstar North in the United Kingdom. Johnny Klebitz is the main character and standing vice president/president of the notorious biker gang known as The Lost Mc.

Major characters[edit]

Johnny Klebitz[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Jonathan "Johnny" Klebitz is the main playable character of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned, the first of two downloadable episodic packs for the game. Dan Houser describes Johnny to be "a very different character than Niko, with a very different background."

Johnny is the Jewish Vice President of The Lost biker gang. Johnny was introduced to Billy Grey as a child by his elder brother Mikey. While Mikey became a law-abiding citizen, and eventually an Iraqi War veteran, Billy became a bad influence on Johnny and both started a life of crime, eventually joining the Lost MC's Alderney Chapter. Up until the start of the story, Johnny has been leading the gang in Billy's absence. Unlike Billy, Johnny actually cares about the future of The Lost Brotherhood and its members, brokering the truce between the Lost MC and Angels of Death. Johnny is also much more headstrong and sensible than the other bikers. Johnny bears many scars and walks, runs, and sprints slightly slower than Niko and Luis, most likely as a result of injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident.

In Grand Theft Auto V, it is revealed that after the events of Grand Theft Auto IV, Johnny moved to San Andreas to lead the Sandy Shores chapter of Lost MC. When he learns that Trevor Philips, one of the three protagonists, had sex with Ashley Butler, once his ex-girlfriend before later reconciling, Johnny angrily confronts Trevor. Eventually, Trevor brutally murders Johnny before finishing off the Lost MC chapter in Sandy Shores.

Johnny Klebitz is voiced by Scott Hill.

Preceded by
Niko Bellic
Grand Theft Auto IV
Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned
Succeeded by
Luis Lopez
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Billy Grey[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Killed in: "Get Lost"

William "Billy" Grey is the President of The Lost Motorcycle Club and the main antagonist of The Lost and Damned. Billy was friends with Johnny's older brother Mikey as teenagers; this was how Johnny met Billy. At the start of the game, he is released from rehab after being "cured" of his heroin addiction and retakes his position as the club's President. Unlike Johnny, Billy is aggressive, reckless, and impulsive; he immediately breaks an uneasy truce Johnny had established between the Lost and their rivals the Angels of Death, reigniting a bloody turf war. Billy later leads a raid on the AOD Clubhouse to steal a large amount of heroin, falsely claiming it was to avenge the death of Lost MC member Jason Michaels. In the mission "This Shit's Cursed", Jim discovers that the stolen heroin belongs to the Triads. Billy wants to keep the heroin for themselves; however, Johnny and Jim, not wanting the attention associated with the drugs, manage to convince him to sell the heroin back to the Triads. When the deal takes place, the Triads, insulted by the thought of having to buy back their own heroin, immediately become hostile, and Jim and Johnny are forced to shoot their way out of Dragon Heart Plaza. At the same time, Billy is apprehended by the police, with several unexplained injuries. It is revealed in The Ballad of Gay Tony that Billy had actually arranged for the Triads to kill Johnny and Jim in the exchange. In the game's finale, Thomas Stubbs informs Johnny that Billy wants to testify against him and other members of Lost MC in exchange for freedom and a new condo in Arizona. Johnny and the remaining Lost MC members stage a raid on the prison, where Johnny faces and personally executes Billy. His arrest and betrayal are the key factors leading to the split and eventual break up of The Lost's Alderney chapter.

Billy Grey is voiced by Lou Sumrall.

Preceded by
Dimitri Rascalov
Grand Theft Auto IV
Main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned
Succeeded by
Ray Bulgarin
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Jim Fitzgerald[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Killed during: "Was It Worth It?"

James "Jim" Fitzgerald, also known as "The Fitz", is the Treasurer of The Lost Motorcycle Club and the best friend of Johnny Klebitz. It is implied he is one of the oldest gang members and unlike most of them, he is responsible, fair, calm and collected. He is also one of the only members with a stable family life, having a wife and young child. Jim can provide Johnny with a fully loaded weapon of choice, if he's called. After Johnny rips off Ray Boccino in a diamond operation, Boccino kidnaps Jim and tortures him by burning him with a blow torch. Together with Johnny, he manages to escape but is later killed by Niko Bellic in a bike chase. Johnny later remembers Jim as "the best thing to ever happen to the club". After Jim's death, Johnny promises to support Jim's family. It is mentioned in dialogue that Jim was a part of the marines before his life with The Lost.

Although the biker killed by Niko is reported to be Jim in in-game media outlets, his appearance and voice in Grand Theft Auto IV vastly differ from that in The Lost and Damned. Therefore, he technically only makes a "proper" appearance in the expansion pack.

Jim Fitzgerald was voiced by Chris McKinney.

Brian Jeremy[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Killed in: "Bad Standing" OR "Random Encounter" (if spared in "Bad Standing")

Brian "BJ" Jeremy is the Club Secretary in The Lost Motorcycle Club. He is completely loyal, if not a puppet, to the club's President, Billy Grey. During Billy's time in rehab, and Johnny's short stint as the club's President; he strongly opposes the policies Johnny enacts, such as forming a truce with the Angels of Death. This causes him to temporarily leave, and rejoin the gang once he and Johnny form a mutual truce. When Billy is released and reinstated as President, he makes Brian his right hand man, a decision which irks some members of The Lost due to Brian's departure. After Billy is arrested during a botched heroin deal, Brian, believing Johnny ratted Billy out to regain power, rallies other members of The Lost who supported Billy and forms his own chapter, starting a civil war within The Lost. After a brief gang war, Johnny, with the help of Jim Fitzgerald, is able to track down Brian at his safe house and has the option to execute him. Johnny then takes Brian's home for himself. If Brian is spared, he eventually reappears in a random street encounter, where he leads Johnny into a trap. Johnny kills Brian's gang and executes him.

In-game dialog reveals that Brian has never had a girlfriend, citing he "can't waste his time with that crap" and that he has all the "hole" he needs at the clubhouse. Johnny accuses Brian of having anti-Semitic belief - Brian insulted Johnny's Jewish heritage throughout the game. Interestingly, Brian's portrait is hung up on The Lost's memorial after he dies, though the photo frame is smashed.

Brian Jeremy was voiced by Adrian Martinez.

Ray Boccino[edit]

Introduced in: "Action/Reaction"

Raymond "Ray" Boccino is a capo for the Pegorino Crime Family. It is implied that he is in a relationship with Johnny's ex-girlfriend Ashley. Johnny first meets Boccino at the Lost Clubhouse, talking to Billy Grey about potential business. When the Lost enters a civil war after Billy's arrest, Boccino reveals the location of Brian Jeremy's safehouse, stating that the Lost's internal conflict is interrupting his business. Later, Boccino hires Johnny to steal $2 million worth of diamonds from nightclub owner Tony Prince and stash the diamonds in two separate trash bags to be picked up later by Boccino's men. He later tells Johnny to go to the Libertonian Museum to meet with Niko Bellic and sell the diamonds to the Jewish Mafia; however, the deal is ambushed by Tony Prince's personal bodyguard Luis Lopez, and Johnny escapes, taking the money. When Boccino learns about Johnny's double cross from Niko, Boccino kidnaps Jim Fitzgerald and attempts to torture him to reveal the location of the money. Johnny helps Jim escape, and Boccino sends hitmen after both of them. Johnny successfully kills the ones pursuing him; however, Jim is ultimately killed by Niko Bellic, who is working for Ray at the time. As a last attack against The Lost, Ray convinces its former president, Billy Grey, to tell the police of the dealings of The Lost. At the start of "Get Lost", Johnny wants to attack Boccino to avenge Jim's death; however, Stubbs tells him not to as he states that Boccino and the rest of the Pegorino organisation is imploding, and its members will be arrested or dead within the month. After the events of The Lost and Damned, Boccino is indeed later killed by Niko Bellic on James Pegorino's order, and the Pegorino Crime Family is dissolved upon Don Pegorino's own death.

Ray Boccino is voiced by Joe Barbara.

Ashley Butler[edit]

Introduced in: "Coming Down"

Ashley "Ash" Butler is Johnny's ex-girlfriend and known associate of Pegorino Family capo Ray Boccino. Ashley is a drug addict, and her addiction has gotten her in trouble several times; early in the game, Johnny must save her from a crackhouse in the Northern Algonquin projects. Later, Ashley gets into deep debt with the Russian Mafia, and Johnny is forced to kidnap Roman Bellic for Grand Theft Auto IV antagonist Dimitri Rascalov in order to pay off her debt. At the end of the storyline, Ashley admits herself to rehab. Johnny wishes her well but tells her not to contact him again. In Grand Theft Auto V, however, it is revealed Johnny resumed his relationship with Ashley, though she cheats on him with Trevor Philips. She later dies in a heroin orgy after Trevor murders Johnny.

Thomas Stubbs III[edit]

Introduced in: "Politics"

Thomas "Tom" Stubbs III is a corrupt, albeit very formal, friendly, and well-educated Congressman of the Liberty City State. He has been criticized by Liberty City's media for his attempts to get a major tsunami protection plan and avalanche warning system in place for the city, neither of which it needs. He is a contact of Johnny Klebitz, and hires him to carry out missions for his political gain, such as killing his own uncle or hijacking a prison bus to help free some of his supporters. Later, Johnny helps Stubbs out with other small jobs, by either helping out one of his supporters escape police custody or killing or incriminating his detractors. At the end of the game, Stubbs helps The Lost Brotherhood by informing Johnny of Billy Grey's treachery, and how Grey plans to sell out Klebitz and the rest of The Lost Brotherhood so he can be set free.

His appearance in "Politics" drew controversy for his full-frontal nudity.

Thomas Stubbs III is voiced by John Lantz.

Terry Thorpe[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Terrence "Terry" Thorpe is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Lost MC and a friend of Johnny Klebitz. He was also responsible for running the Lost's methamphetamine labs. Like Clay, Johnny can contact Terry to go on an outing or to provide backup. Terry can also be called for weapons delivery. It is revealed that Terry was married once and really hated his wife. He also has a brother, "Crazy" Colin, who was disowned by his family and subsequently became a heroin addict. Like Little Jacob, Terry is almost always seen smoking.

It is later revealed in Grand Theft Auto V that Terry had moved to Sandy Shores along with Johnny, Clay and Ashley. When he learns of Johnny's murder by Trevor, he attempts to get reinforcements, but is killed along with Clay by Trevor.

Terry Thorpe is voiced by Joshua Burrow.

Clay Simons[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Clayton "Clay" Simons is the Road Captain of the Lost MC and a friend of Johnny Klebitz. Johnny can contact Clay to deliver a bike to his location, provide backup, or go on an outing. In-game dialog reveals that Clay used to work for the army and only favored the women he met and had affairs with. Jim, Terry, and Johnny constantly tease him about having multiple STDs.

Clay also appears in Grand Theft Auto V, where he and Terry are killed by Trevor after the latter kills Johnny.

Clay Simons was voiced by Keith Smith.

Elizabeta Torres[edit]

Introduced in: "Buyer's Market"

Arrested After: "Shifting Weight"

Elizabeta Torres is a Bohan-based drug dealer. She and The Lost MC have a strong relationship, as they trust her to find a buyer for the heroin that they have stolen from the Angels of Death; however, the buyer in question turned out to be an undercover LCPD officer investigating Torres' drug operation. After the failed heroin deal, she has Johnny and Malc steal a large shipment of cocaine as it crosses the East Borough Bridge. She employs Johnny to pick up her drug mule Marta from Francis International Airport before the LCPD and FIB can arrest her. Johnny and Malc help Liz one last time by selling the cocaine that they have stolen earlier; however, the buyers attempt to steal the cocaine for themselves. After one of the buyers destroys Johnny's bike, the LCPD show up, believing that the explosion was a terrorist attack. After a lengthy car chase, Elizabeta warns Johnny to stay away from her as the LCPD and FIB are closing in on her operation. Should Johnny call her after the mission, she will tell him that the police are outside the apartment and that she and Marta are flushing the coke.

Elizabeta Torres is voiced by Charleigh E. Parker.


Introduced in: "Hit the Pipe"

Malcolm, or shortly Malc, is a member of the Uptown Riders. Introduced to Johnny by Jim Fitzgerald, he is an ally of the Lost MC despite the cultural differences between the two gangs (The Lost MC drive American-made choppers and listen to hard rock and heavy metal whereas the Uptown Riders prefer imported Japanese sport bikes and hip-hop). He supplies Johnny with pipe bombs to destroy gang vans belonging to Angels of Death. Later, he works with Johnny for Elizabeta to steal a van containing cocaine and later attempting to sell said product. He also helps Johnny to kidnap Roman Bellic when Johnny did not want to get his Lost MC brothers involved.

Malc is voiced by Walter T. Mudu.

Supporting characters[edit]

Angus Martin[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Angus Martin is a member of the Lost MC and a friend of Johnny's. He uses a wheelchair because of an accident caused by Billy Grey, leaving Angus with a pessimistic outlook on life. He harbours a deep hatred towards Billy and Brian Jeremy as well as the direction they are taking the Lost MC. He and Jim run a bike smuggling ring to make money for the Lost MC, and Johnny can contact Angus to perform bike thefts. Angus is one of the few Lost MC members, along with Jim, Terry, and Clay, who sides with Johnny when the Brotherhood splits after Billy's arrest and one of the few surviving members at game's end.

Angus Martin was voiced by Brian Tarantina.

Jason Michaels[edit]

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Killed during: "It's War"

Jason Michaels is a recently patched-in member of the Lost MC and serves as its Enforcer. Additionally, he ran the Lost's prostitution ring as a pimp. He had a relationship with Anna Faustin, the daughter of Russian Mafia boss Mikhail Faustin. He is killed by Faustin's enforcer Niko Bellic, while other Lost MC members were assaulting the Angels of Death. When Billy announced Jason's death, he gives a brief speech about Jason's character. Billy later falsely claims that it was the Angels of Death who had killed Jason and uses this to justify a raid on the AOD clubhouse to steal a large amount of heroin, much to the disapproval of Johnny.

Jason Michaels is voiced by Bill Burr.


Introduced in: "Hit the Pipe"

DeSean is a member of the Uptown Riders and the best friend of Malc. He is seen whenever the Uptown Riders assist Johnny and The Lost M.C.. He helps Johnny and Malc in some of Elizabeta's missions. Later in the game, he was injured by some thugs in a race but is rescued by Johnny.

DeSean is voiced by Craig Grant.

Niko Bellic[edit]

Main article: Niko Bellic

Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Niko Bellic is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV but makes a minor appearance in The Lost and Damned, which crosses over with Niko's storyline at various points in the game. Niko meets the game’s protagonist, Johnny Klebitz, twice during the game, much like in his main story, along with a cameo in the game’s intro. Niko also plays a hand in some of the events that transpired in The Lost and Damned. One of these events was killing Lost MC member Jason Michaels, which The Lost's leader, Billy Grey, falsely claims was an attack by their rivals, The Angels of Death, provoking the gang war between them. Later, when Niko works for Ray Boccino, he assassinates the treasurer of The Lost, Jim Fitzgerald, after Johnny steals Ray’s money during a diamond trade. This event acts as part of a chain of events that leads to the breakup of The Lost. Eventually, if the player calls the bugs they placed in Bernie Crane's Infernus at the beginning of the game, the player will hear gunshots, sirens, and Niko insulting the LCPD, a result of Bernie giving the car to Niko.

Niko Bellic is voiced by Michael Hollick.

Random biker[edit]

Introduced in: "It's War"

Killed in: "Bad Standing"

Credited as Random Biker

At the end of "It's War" he is present among the other Lost MC members as Billy Grey gives his speech about Jason Micheals. The same biker also appears at the end of "This Shit's Cursed" after Johnny, Jim, and Brian return from the Dragon Heart Plaza in which he and Brian question and harass Johnny and Jim about how Billy got arrested. He later joins Brian's faction and is present at the docks when a battle between the two factions erupts during which he manages to escape along with Brian. He is later present at Brian's safehouse when Johnny attacks it to kill Brian. During the assault, he attempts to protect Brian only for Johnny to shoot him dead in retaliation.

Luis Fernando Lopez[edit]

Introduced in: "Diamonds in the Rough"

Luis Fernando Lopez is a Dominican street gangster who works as a personal bodyguard for Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, a nightclub entrepreneur, and the main protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Luis appears in The Lost and Damned twice. In the mission "Diamonds in the Rough", after being ambushed by the Lost MC, he is seen telling "Gay Tony's" boyfriend Evan Moss to flee with the diamonds in a limo with protagonist Johnny Klebitz in hot pursuit, while Luis Lopez dealt with the rest of the Lost MC. Later in "Collector's Item", Luis ambushes the Libertonian diamond deal, killing Jewish mob member Mori Green and stealing back the diamonds.

Luis Fernando Lopez was voiced by Mario D'Leon.

Dave Grossman[edit]

Introduced in: "It's War"

David "Dave" Grossman is a lawyer who hangs out the at the Lost MC clubhouse in his spare time as a prospective member. Although Johnny belittles him for his day job, Johnny helps out Dave when he is faced with a sexual harassment lawsuit from his secretary. Johnny finds the attorney working on the case and "persuades" him to drop the case, as Johnny states that the only good lawyer is a dead one. It is unknown what became of Dave when the Lost MC disbanded.

Dave Grossman is voiced by Jay Patterson.

Jimmy Matthews and Ed McCornish[edit]

Both introduced in: "Liberty City Choppers"

Both killed in: "Bad Cop Drop"

James Matthews and Edward McCornish are two corrupt LCPD detectives. They are investigating the Angels of Death, which means they also keep an eye on The Lost. They frequently harass The Lost and try to put the squeeze on them. They were drawn into an ambush by Jim Fitzgerald and Johnny Klebitz, and both were shot dead.


Introduced in: "Marta Full Of Grace"

Arrested After: "Shifting Weight"

Marta is a drug mule working for Elizabeta Torres. Johnny escorts her from the airport to Elizabeta's apartment after the LCPD and FIB attempts to arrest her at the airport. After completing Torres' missions, Johnny can call Elizabeta and she will tell him that she and Marta are flushing the coke. Marta is presumably arrested with Elizabeta.


Introduced in: "Heavy Toll"

Andreas is the bodyguard of Elizabeta Torres. Because of his incompetence, however, Liz mostly regulates him to be her housemaid. What happened to him after Elizabeta's arrest is unknown.

Minor characters[edit]


Introduced in: "Politics"

Leavis is the maître d’ of the Jousters gentlemen's club, of which Thomas Stubbs is a member. When Johnny first appears at the club in the mission "Politics", Leavis asks him to leave for his uncouth appearance and attitude; however, when Johnny states that he has an appointment with Stubbs, Leavis leads him to the congressman, who is taking in a massage. In "Off Route", Johnny asks Leavis if he is satisfied with his position in life before meeting with Stubbs. Leavis ponders the question, decides that he is okay with his position, and then asks Johnny the same question.

Arthur Stubbs[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "Politics"

Arthur Stubbs is the uncle of Thomas Stubbs. He controls the Stubbs' family fortune, of which Congressman Stubbs needs so that he can secure his re-election. Tom hires Johnny to assassinate his uncle when he lands at Francis International Airport. Furthermore, Stubbs tells Johnny to make the incident look like a "terrorist attack" to improve the congressman's public image.

Curtis Stocker[edit]

Introduced in: "Off Route"

Curtis Stocker, known in the in-game media as the "Dine and Dash Killer", is a cannibalistic serial killer who is on the same prison transport bus with Stubbs' white-collar supporters, awaiting transport to the Alderney State Correctional Facility. When Johnny hijacks the bus, Stocker's restraints come off and proceeds to consume the flesh of a prison warden on the bus. Despite Stocker's modus operandi, he otherwise behaves like a refined man. After Johnny evades the police, Stocker joins Stubbs' supporters on the boat ride to freedom. Stocker bares several similarities to Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of the character Hannibal Lecter, who is also a cannibalistic serial killer. He sports a very similar "bite mask" when he first enters the prison bus to the one that Lecter wears during a scene in The Silence of the Lambs. Stocker also has a distinctly upper-class English accent and appears to have a wide vocabulary as well as behaving like a gentleman, much like Lecter.

Roman Bellic[edit]

Introduced in: "Roman's Holiday"

Roman Bellic is, unbeknownst to Johnny, Niko Bellic's cousin. He owns a taxi depot in Broker and is a compulsive gambler who owes money to the Russians. He is kidnapped by Johnny and Malc under orders of Russian Mafia boss Dimitri Rascalov, to whom Ashley owes money. By the player's choice, the kidnapping can initiated by either driving to Broker to the gambling den Roman frequents, or calling his taxi firm's number, which was given to Johnny by Elizabeta. During the kidnapping, Roman laments about his many vices and attempts to bribe Johnny and Malc by stating that his cousin can get them money; however, the two bikers are not swayed. Despite having to kidnap him, Johnny has sympathy on Roman, asking the Russians to go easy on him. Roman's kidnapping in The Lost and Damned sets up the Grand Theft Auto IV mission "Hostile Negotiation", where Niko must rescue Roman and avoid an assassination attempt by Rascalov's hitmen.

Roman Bellic is voiced by Jason Zumwalt.

"Gay Tony" Prince[edit]

Introduced in: "Diamonds in the Rough"

Tony Prince is a Liberty City nightclub owner. He, his bodyguard Luis Lopez, and boyfriend Evan Moss go the Broker docks to buy $2 million worth of diamonds from a ship cook. When the Lost MC ambush the deal, Johnny goes after Evan to get the diamonds while other Lost MC members chase after Luis and "Gay Tony". It is revealed in The Ballad of Gay Tony mission "Frosting on the Cake" (the diamond deal from Luis' point of view) that Luis killed the other Lost MC members while outrunning them by means of explosives.

"Gay Tony" Prince was voiced by D.B. Cooper

The Cook[edit]

Introduced in: "Diamonds in the Rough"

The Cook is the head cook of the Platypus. He sold $2 million worth of diamonds to Tony Prince; however, the deal was ambushed by the Lost MC. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the Cook is beheaded by the diamonds' true owner, Ray Bulgarin.

Evan Moss[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "Diamonds in the Rough"

Evan Moss is the boyfriend of 'Gay' Tony Prince. He is seen with Gay Tony and Luis when they attempt to purchase diamonds from the Platypus cook. When The Lost MC ambush the deal, Luis tells Evan to take the diamonds back to the club, however the limo he was in was chased down by Johnny, and Evan was killed to retrieve the diamonds.

Playboy X[edit]

Introduced in: "Buyer's Market"

Trey "Playboy X" Stewart is the leader of the North Holland Hustlers. He is seen at Elizabeta's house party, where she instructs him and Niko to accompany Johnny to sell the Lost's heroin stash. When the heroin deal turns out to be a LCPD drug bust, Playboy X escapes with Niko via the rooftops.

Playboy X is voiced by Postell Pringle.


Introduced/Killed in: "Buyer's Market"

Charlie is an undercover LCPD officer who posed as the buyer of the Lost's heroin stash. When the deal took place, he acted too nervously, constantly asking Johnny, Niko, and Playboy X if they had the drugs, causing Johnny to become suspicious of him. After Johnny calls the deal off, Charlie drops his cover, attempts to arrest everyone involved in selling the heroin, and is killed in the subsequent shootout by Niko.

Chad and Mr. Roncero[edit]

Both introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Chad and Mr. Roncero are, respectively, a social worker and parole officer who were assigned to Billy Grey as part of his prison term and drug rehab program. When Billy is released from his short prison stint, Mr. Roncero warns him to stay out of trouble, otherwise he would return to prison. While Mr. Roncero strongly felt that Billy should have stayed inside longer, Chad seemed to have faith in Billy in overcoming his heroin addiction. Later, Chad tries to call Billy at the Lost clubhouse to check on his progress.

Unseen characters[edit]

Agent Jones[edit]

Agent Jones is a FIB agent who is observing the actions of the Lost MC. After a failed heroin deal which turned out to be an attempted LCPD drug bust, Agent Jones calls Johnny, suggesting that he should testify against his Lost MC brothers; however, Johnny tells Jones to get a warrant if he has evidence against the Lost MC. Jones calls Johnny later in the game to inform him that Billy Grey intends to enter a plea with the FIB in exchange for his release into Witness Protection.

Angels of Death (Liberty City Chapter)[edit]

The Angels of Death Motorcycle Club are a rival biker gang to the Lost MC. Known members include:

  • Lester "Arnie" Arnold — The President of the Angels of Death's Liberty City chapter. He was born in San Fierro in 1962 and his biography, Angel of Life by Fred M. Nelson, is soon to be made into a Vinewood film. It is revealed on the LCPD database that he is a drug addict.
  • Joseph "Joe Jon" Johnson — The Vice-President of the Angels of Death's Liberty City chapter. He was born in Carcer City in 1973. It is revealed on the LCPD database that he is a drug addict. In a cutscene, Klebitz said that Billy Grey put Joe Jon's nephew in a coma before he was taken down.
  • Albert Lawson — A high-ranking member of the Angels of Death's Liberty City chapter. It is revealed on the LCPD database that he is 59 years old and that he started the war with The Lost by having sex with the mother of a Lost member.

Jackie Fitzgerald[edit]

Jacqueline "Jackie" Fitzgerald is the wife of Jim Fitzgerald, a member of The Lost MC. She is frequently mentioned, but never seen. She and Jim have a child together.

Michael Klebitz[edit]

Michael "Mikey" Klebitz is the older brother of Johnny Klebitz. He e-mails Johnny one time during the gameplay of The Lost and Damned. He is apparently the exact opposite of Johnny, being an upstanding citizen, and resents Johnny's criminal activities and biker lifestyle, though the brothers appear to get along well. He is currently serving in Iraq. He and Billy Grey were friends as teenagers, which is also how Johnny met Billy.

Bernie Crane/Florian Cravic[edit]

Bernie makes a voice only cameo in The Lost and Damned after Johnny puts surveillance bugs in Bryce's car. There the player can hear him describing out date plans with Bryce, talking about their relationship, and even singing the song "Golden" by Jill Scott. Though Bernie is never seen in The Lost and Damned, he is a later character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Bernie Crane is voiced by Timothy J. Alex.

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