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Officers of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee include:

Current officers[edit]

Current AIPAC senior management are listed here:

Previous Executive Directors[edit]

  • Neal Sher Esq., 1994–1996
  • Thomas Dine, 1980–1993. In this time, AIPAC grew from 24 employees and a budget of $1.4 million to 158 employees and a budget of $15 million. Membership climbed from 8,000 to a claimed 55,000. Dine reportedly earned $500,000/year.[1]
  • Morris J. Amitay, 1974–1980

Previous Presidents[edit]

Past AIPAC Presidents, their tenures, career, and U.S. party-affiliation (if known), are listed here in reverse chronological order:

  • Howard Friedman, 2006-2009, Baltimore
  • Bernice Manocherian, 2004-2006 New York City
  • Amy Friedkin, 2001-2004, San Francisco, active in grassroots Jewish organizations.


Notable Board members[edit]

AIPAC's National Board has approximately 50 members. By tradition, previous Presidents serve as Board members, and are not listed separately here. (Asher, Levy, Mitchell, and Weinberg were sometimes referred to as the "Gang of Four".[2]) There are also state-level and some city-level AIPAC boards.

Other notable National Board members include:

Notable Executive Committee members[edit]

All members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations serve on AIPAC's Executive Committee. Notable members include:

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