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Not to be confused with Oxbridge colleges.

Fictional colleges are perennially popular in modern novels, allowing the author much greater license when describing the more intimate activities of an Oxford college. Such institutions are often home to eccentrics or miscreants, murderers or snobs, and though wistfully romantic in their cloistered courts, host fictional events that could prove libellous were identifiable institutions used.

Below is a list of some of the fictional colleges of the University of Oxford.

His Dark Materials[edit]

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials novels feature a number of fictional Oxford colleges:

Inspector Morse[edit]

The Inspector Morse series of book by Colin Dexter is predominantly set within Oxford and environs, including the University. Consequently many fictional colleges are named. The derived television series, Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, continues the idea:

Jude the Obscure[edit]

Thomas Hardy's novel Jude the Obscure features a number of fictional 'Christminster' colleges, a thinly fictionalized version of Oxford:

  • Biblioll College
  • Sepulchre College
  • Rubric College
  • Oldgate College
  • Sarcophagus College
  • Cardinal College
  • Crozier College
  • Tudor College

Loss and Gain[edit]

Loss and Gain, by Blessed John Henry Newman tells the story of the conversion of Charles Reding, an Oxford student, to Catholicism. In the novel, Newman creates the following colleges:

  • Saint Saviour's (the college of the main character, Charles Reding.)
  • All Saints
  • Leicester College
  • Nun's Hall

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