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Europe divided by two competing military alliances during the Cold War

A military alliance is an agreement between two, or more, military factions; related to wartime planning, commitments, or contingencies; such agreements can be both defensive and offensive. Military alliances often involve non-military agreements, in addition to their primary purpose.


Vedic Period[edit]

Hellenic Period[edit]

Confederate alliance of Greek city-states

Middle Ages[edit]

Early modern period[edit]

Nineteenth century[edit]

All the participants in the Napoleonic Wars. Blue: The Coalition and their colonies and allies. Green: The First French Empire, its protectorates, colonies, and allies.
Holy Alliance 1815.

Twentieth century[edit]

Alliances in the First World War
Alliances in the Second World War
Alliances during the Cold War (1980)

Twenty-first century[edit]

Contemporary Security Alliances[edit]





South America[edit]


Africa and Asia[edit]

Africa and North America[edit]

Asia and Europe[edit]

Asia and North America[edit]

North America and Oceania[edit]

North America and South America[edit]



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