List of power stations in Syria

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The following page lists all power stations in Syria.



Station Capacity (MW) Community Coordinates Status
Baath Dam 81 Ar-Raqqah 35°53′07″N 38°44′50″E / 35.88528°N 38.74722°E / 35.88528; 38.74722 (Baath Dam) Operational
Tabqa Dam 800 Al-Thawrah 35°52′20″N 38°34′00″E / 35.87222°N 38.56667°E / 35.87222; 38.56667 (Tabqa Dam) Operational
Tishrin Dam 630 Abu Qalqal 36°22′53″N 38°11′00″E / 36.38139°N 38.18333°E / 36.38139; 38.18333 (Tishrin Dam) Operational



Station Capacity (MW) Community Coordinates Status
Aleppo Thermal Power Plant 1065 Aleppo 36°10′30″N 37°26′22″E / 36.17500°N 37.43944°E / 36.17500; 37.43944 (Aleppo Thermal Power Plant) Operational

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