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For Loxian Apollo, see Apollo.
Created by Roma Ryan
Date 2005
Setting and usage 'Beings on another planet'
Users Two (Enya and Roma Ryan)  (date missing
Sources based on snippets of English, Irish, Old English, Hindi, Welsh and Siberian Yupik
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Loxian is an artistic language and alphabet created by writer and lyricist Roma Ryan for Enya's 2005 album Amarantine. The language is featured in three songs on the album ("Less than a Pearl," "The River Sings," and "Water Shows the Hidden Heart"). The term apparently derives from the Greek Loxos, meaning oblique.

Ryan created the language when she found herself unable to create satisfactory lyrics in English, Irish or Latin for some of Enya's songs. She came up with the idea after having worked with Tolkien's fictional Elvish languages while writing lyrics in these languages for one of Enya's tracks, recorded for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack in 2001.

Loxian is described by its creators as "a futuristic language from a distant planet"; its script (seen both in the Amarantine CD and the book Water Shows the Hidden Heart) is said to draw on Tolkien, Runic language and elements of Pitman shorthand. When sung it has a Vox Humana quality where the human voice becomes a type of musical instrument [Vox Humana from the pipe-organ stop designed to produce tones resembling the human voice].

After examining Loxian, Terence Dolan, a professor of English at University College Dublin, has offered his professional opinion regarding the language.

Enya describes the Loxians as beings who "live on another planet and are looking out, wondering, 'Are we the only ones who exist?'"

Roma Ryan has written a book that was published in December 2005, called Water Shows the Hidden Heart, which gives background information on the three Loxian songs and explore her developing of the language.

Enya and Ryan consider Loxian to be under copyright; reproducing the language without the permission of Ryan or Enya's record label, Aigle Records, is considered a copyright violation. As with Klingon, it is disputed whether a language itself can be copyrighted.

The First Loxian Games, a series of treasure hunts, commenced on 1 September 2008. The Second Loxian Games began on 9 October 2009. It includes riddles, quests and 'treasure hunt' style tasks with prizes to be won.

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