Mount Sedgwick (Tasmania)

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Mount Sedgwick
Mount Sedgwick satu-3.JPG
Mt. Sedgwick SW aspect from Lake Margaret road
Mount Sedgwick is located in Tasmania
Mount Sedgwick
Mount Sedgwick
Location in Tasmania
Location West Coast, Tasmania
Range West Coast Range
Coordinates 42°52′S 145°22′E / 42.867°S 145.367°E / -42.867; 145.367Coordinates: 42°52′S 145°22′E / 42.867°S 145.367°E / -42.867; 145.367
Easiest route from Lake Margaret Power Station

Mount Sedgwick is a mountain located within the West Coast Range, West Coast Tasmania. It lies in line behind Mount Lyell in views from high points in Queenstown and from the roads leading out to Strahan and Zeehan. Bands of the pink and grey coloured conglomerate show strikingly on its south west slopes. Its western and south western slopes are significantly more precipitous and rocky, compared to the once heavily forested southern and south eastern slopes.

The geology of Mount Sedgwick has remnant Jurassic, Permian and Palaeozoic features:

The top of Mount Sedgwick is columnar jointed Jurassic Dolerite interpreted as a remnant of a dolerite sheet (The lack of a strong magnetic signature suggests it is not a plug) that intrudes Permian tillite, which is exposed on the South East flank of the Mountain. [1]

Lake Margaret lies at the northern side of the mountain, while Lake Beatrice and Lake Burbury at the eastern side.

Mount Geikie and the Tyndall Range are the main mountains in the West Coast Range to the north.

Mount Sedgwick is effectively the source of the Lake Margaret water - with smaller named lakes above Lake Margaret as feeders.

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