Philippine constitutional plebiscite, 1973

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The Constitutional Convention of 1971 minus 11 CON-CON delegates who were arrested during the proclamation of martial law, re-convenened and with nothing to do but to do what President Ferdinand Marcos wanted to be put to the proposed constitution. The regime tasked a plebiscite for the ratification of the proposed constitution to the people.

Marcos issued Presidential Decree No. 86 calling for the cancellation of the plebiscite and instituted barangays (citizens' assemblies) to ratify the new constitution. The barangays (citizens' assemblies) would institute the ratification by a referendum. The referendum of the proposed constitution happened from 10–15 January 1973. After the ratification, Proclamation No. 1102 on 17 January 1973, certified and proclaimed that the Constitution proposed by the Constitutional Convention of 1971 had been ratified by the Filipino people and thereby come into effect.

New qualifications for voting[edit]

  • Reducing the voting age from 18 years to 15.
  • Allowing illiterates to vote.


e • d Summary of the 10 January - 15 January 1973 Philippine constitutional plebiscite results
Choice Votes %
Yes 14,976,561 95.3
No 743,869 4.7
Total valid votes 15,720,430 79.0
Total votes cast 19,908,760 87.0
Registered voters 22,883,632 100
Source: Commission on Elections (Philippines)

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