Robert Schapire

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Robert Elias Schapire
Fields Computer Science
Institutions AT&T Labs
Princeton University
Alma mater Brown University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thesis The design and analysis of efficient learning algorithms (1991)
Doctoral advisor Ronald Rivest
Known for AdaBoost
Notable awards Gödel prize (2003)
Paris Kanellakis Award (2004)

Robert Elias Schapire is the David M. Siegel '83 Professor in the computer science department at Princeton University. His primary specialty is theoretical and applied machine learning.

His work led to the development of the boosting ensemble algorithm used in machine learning. Together with Yoav Freund, he invented the AdaBoost algorithm in 1996. He received the Gödel prize in 2003 for his work on AdaBoost with Yoav Freund.

In 2014, Schapire was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for his contributions to machine learning through the invention and development of boosting algorithms.[1]


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