Shubra El-Kheima

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Not to be confused with the district of Shobra.
Shubra El-Kheima
شبرا الخيمة
Shubra El-Kheima is located in Egypt
Shubra El-Kheima
Shubra El-Kheima
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 30°7′43″N 31°14′32″E / 30.12861°N 31.24222°E / 30.12861; 31.24222
Country  Egypt
Governorate Al Qalyubiyah
 • Total 27.68 km2 (10.69 sq mi)
 • Land 27.68 km2 (10.69 sq mi)
Elevation 16 m (52 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 1,099,354
 • Density 40,000/km2 (100,000/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Shubra El-Kheima[note 1] (Arabic: شبرا الخيمةŠobra el-Ḵēma , IPA: [ˈʃobɾɑ lˈxeːmæ]) is the fourth largest city in Egypt. It is located in the Al Qalyubiyah governorate around 30°7′43″N 31°14′32″E / 30.12861°N 31.24222°E / 30.12861; 31.24222Coordinates: 30°7′43″N 31°14′32″E / 30.12861°N 31.24222°E / 30.12861; 31.24222. The city is situated in the northern border of Cairo Governorate and is part of its agglomeration of Greater Cairo.


Shubra El-Kheima was primarily inhabited by workers (and their families), who have worked in surrounding factories since the 1940s. However, recently it contains the great expansion of Greater Cairo towards the north as a consequence of migration from rural areas. Its population was 1,016,722 at the 2006 Census. It is administered as two kism (wards):[1]


Shubra El-Kheima is the northern terminus of Line 2 of the Cairo Metro.


Shubra El-Kheima hosts the famous Assem Elaraby Palace of As Elaraby pasha, the Albanian leader of Egypt.


  1. ^ Also spelled […]El Kheima, […]El Khayma, or […]elKhayma

  1. ^