Slavery in China

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Chinese slave

Slavery concerns millions in China nowadays. [1] It includes women and children subject to sexual exploitation. [2] There is slavery within forced marriage. [3] The 2007 Chinese slave scandal included thousands of slaves. Thousands of children go missiing every year and start to work in brick kilns. [4] Slavery in China includes domestic servitude and forced begging.[5]

History of slavery in China[edit]

In Shang dynasty, about 5 % of the population was enslaved. Qin dynasty had male slaves working for projects like the Terracotta Army. During Tang Dynasty, there was a shortage of women, which resulted in trade of Koreans. Emperor Wang Mang banned slavery, which was repealed after his death. During Ming dynasty, slavery was banned, but continued for the entire period. The period of Qing dynasty initially saw an increase of slavery in China. There where measures against slavery, however.


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