Taunton River

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Taunton River
Taunton Great River
Taunton River from Veterans Memorial Bridge.JPG
View of Taunton River looking north from the Veterans Memorial Bridge
Country United States
State Massachusetts
Cities Bridgewater, Taunton, Fall River
Mouth Mount Hope Bay
Length 36 mi (58 km)
Map of Taunton River Watershed
Taunton River at Weir Village, Taunton
Taunton River at Fall River

The Taunton River (historically also called the "Taunton Great River"), is a river in southeastern Massachusetts in the United States. It arises from the confluence of the Town River and Matfield River, in the town of Bridgewater. From there it meanders through the towns of Halifax, Middleborough and Raynham, through the city of Taunton for which it is named, the towns of Berkley, Dighton, Somerset, and the Assonet section of Freetown, to Fall River where it joins Mount Hope Bay, an arm of Narragansett Bay.


The total length of the river is 37.0 miles (59.5 km) from the junction of the Town and Matfield Rivers in Bridgewater to the mouth of the Quequechan River in Fall River.[1] It has a watershed of 562 square miles (1,456 km²). The river's watershed includes the Hockomock Swamp, the largest freshwater wetland in the state. The Taunton River is one of the flattest rivers in New England, dropping only about twenty feet (6 m) in elevation over its length.[2] The river is tidal as far north as Taunton.


Since the development of industry beginning with the iron works of the mid-17th century, the Taunton River has played an important role in the economy of the Greater Taunton Area. The shipbuilding industry was very active in the Taunton area during the 19th century.[3]

The river today[edit]

The Taunton River is the longest coastal river in New England without dams and supports 45 species of fish and many species of shellfish. The Taunton River is the principal river that makes up the Taunton River Watershed. The watershed is the habitat for 154 types of birds, including 12 rare types. It is also home to otter, mink, grey fox and deer.[4]

Battleship Cove, the world's largest museum of warships, is located on the Fall River side of the river at its confluence with Mount Hope Bay, beneath the Braga Bridge.

After over five years of study for possible inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic River System, such designation was obtained in April 2009.[5]


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