Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge

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Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge
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Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge
Official name Most III Tysiąclecia im. Jana Pawła II
Carries Motor vehicles
Crosses Martwa Wisła River
Locale Gdańsk, Poland
Designer Krzysztof Wąchalski
Design Cable-stayed bridge, inverted-Y pylon, semi-fan arrangement
Material composite steel-reinforced concrete
Total length 380 metres (1,250 ft)
Width 20.31 metres (66.6 ft)
Height 99.89 metres (327.7 ft)
Longest span 230 metres (750 ft)
Number of spans 3
Load limit 50 ton
Construction begin 2 August 1999
Construction end 15 October 2001
Opened 9 November 2001

The Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge is a cable-stayed road bridge which spans the Martwa Wisła River in Gdańsk, Poland.

Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge in Gdańsk

The bridge forms an inverted “Y”-shape with a 100-metre-tall pylon. It is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Poland supported by a single pylon.[1]

The bridge links the Northern Port of Gdańsk with the national road network and is the first section of the future by-pass road of the city of Gdańsk.


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