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My name is Lane Rasberry. I have been a Wikipedian since 2008. I am interested in promoting access to health information through Wikipedia. To talk to me either post on my talk page or email me to make an appointment for a phone or video chat.

Improving Wikipedia articles and available free resources is the responsibility of everyone who has a stake in community education. More specifically - since Wikipedia is the world's most popular source of health information for most topics in health, it is the particular responsibility of health educators to consider the influence and impact of Wikipedia in their fields of expertise and to recognize that they must acknowledge and respond to Wikipedia as a communication channel in some way if they are to are to be effective in outreach.

Biographical sketch[edit]


Lane Rasberry is Wikipedian in Residence at Consumer Reports, a United States-based non-profit consumer advocacy organization. His interests include clinical research, Wikipedia, access to science information, public health, and consumer rights.

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Lane Rasberry advocates for greater access to information. His interests include clinical research, Wikipedia, access to science information, public health, and consumer rights.


Lane Rasberry has edited Wikipedia almost every day since 2008. He has been a research participant in more than 40 clinical trials and both promotes clinical research and advocates for greater protections for participants. He has conducted clinical trials for the University of Washington and since 2007 has served on a community advisory board for the research of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network. Since 2012 he has been developing health articles on Wikipedia as the Wikipedian in Residence for Consumer Reports, the United States member of Consumers International.

Consumer Reports specific

Lane Rasberry is Wikipedian in Residence at Consumer Reports. In that role he matches information requests and editing guidance from the Wikipedia community to Consumer Reports staff and partners who share their expertise in relevant Wikipedia articles. An example project in this collaboration is Choosing Wisely, in which America's leading medical specialist organizations provide information with which to develop health articles on Wikipedia. In turn, Wikipedia delivers this information to its large audience as they seek the information they need to help them make decisions as consumers.

Summary of what I do with Wikipedia[edit]

flag of Cascadia, which is the region including Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver

If you have questions about what I do or want to collaborate then email me.

Meetup off-wiki[edit]

  • I am currently living in Yonkers, New York. I go to Wikimedia NYC meetups.
  • My home is Seattle, Washington, in University District. If you are there then I can connect you to Wikipedians and health educators. There is a Seattle Meetup group.
  • Sometimes I am in Varanasi in North India, and in any case I know Wikipedia enthusiasts there. If you happen to be in that area and want to meet local data fanatics then write me.

Editing interests[edit]

I support Wiki Project Med along with all other projects to improve health information on Wikipedia!

I have interest in the following topics:

Pet projects[edit]

the Camas pocket gopher, native to my home region of Cascadia and described as ""morose and savage" and "one of the most vicious animals known for its size"

More about me[edit]

Pages I created[edit]


These are work areas for me.


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Sometimes I see another editor somewhere that I know I have seen before. I use Stalker if this happens; when one inputs usernames Stalker outputs a list of articles which all of the listed users have edited. This is part of MZMcBride's toolset.

My Wikipedia books page is here.

Here is an example of how to cite a paper within a conference.

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