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Lady Aleena (talk · contribs · count · logs · block log · lu · rfas · rfb · arb · rfc · lta · socks) was born on July 10th, 1971 at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. Her father was posted to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and they lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Her father's next post took them to Fort Jackson, South Carolina where they lived on base. Her family moved to Marktsteft and then to Kitzingen in, then, West Germany. After living there for a few years, her father was posted to Fort Ord, California. This was the last military post on which she would live. When her father retired, her family moved to Frederick, Maryland. They briefly lived in Brunswick, Maryland. She now lives in Woodsboro, Maryland with her fiancé. She used to have a cat, but she did on 8 January 2010. She has gone back to Germany on a student exchange program. She has briefly visited Mexico and France.

She uses Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet with Google as her preferred search engine. She connects with mIRC to chat on IRC. She instant messages with Trillian. She does most of her editing off-line using Notepad++. Her favorite off-line computer games are those produced by PopCap Games, and she enjoys playing spider solitaire. Off of the computer, she had played Dungeons & Dragons, though she is now taking a break from it. She likes putting together jigsaw puzzles. She also enjoys playing chess, mahjong, and spades. She has a CB radio and can be found on channel 1. Her CB handle is Fantasy.

She is very interested in various media types. Please see her selected subpages for the various titles she is tracking.

When she was young, she was simultaneously interested in astronomy and mythology. From her interest in those fields, she became interested in the various fields of divination. Her interest in gemstones, and minor interest in mineralogy, sprang from playing Dungeons & Dragons, which interested her in titles of nobility and geography. She is only mildly interested in politics and then only in theoretical applications.

She does not have one favorite color, but prefers shades of blue and yellow, though that does not mean other combinations are not to her liking.

Her birth stone is the ruby and birthday stone is sapphire. Her birth flower is the larkspur. Her tropical zodiac sign is Cancer (negative quality, water triplicity, cardinal quadrplicity, emerald stone), sidereal is Gemini (positive quality, air triplicity, mutable quadrplicity, spinel stone), and Chinese is Pig (element water, stone topaz).

Her Wikipedia activities are mostly in template construction. She will help anyone who needs it when it comes to designing and fixing templates.

Messages to visitors[edit]

  • If you are using Wikipedia with Internet Explorer, get Mozilla Firefox as soon as possible.
  • If you like my signature, please see Lady Aleena/Talkback signature on how to get your own.
  • If you are going to send me e-mail instead of using one of my various talk pages, please let me know that one is coming. I delete all suspicious e-mail without looking. I am not about to let some virus get my machine by opening anything suspicious.
  • If you like the console on the right, you can find it here. As it says, it is still in development, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop a message here.
  • If you find me becoming dictatorial in a project, please tell me gently.

Selected subpages[edit]

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Other projects[edit]


At one time I was very involved in several WikiProjects. However, I found myself drawn away from Wikipedia and those projects. So, here is a list of those projects in which I once participated.


There has been a move to depopulate categories such as Wikipedians interested in books, Wikipedians interested in film, and Wikipedians interested in television. I have created a lot of red linked categories for possible future use as other users add these categories to their user pages.