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For the football club, see Viettel F.C..
Viettel Group
Group(Tập đoàn)
Industry Mobile telecommunications
Founded 2004
Headquarters Hanoi, Vietnam
Products Mobile networks, Telecom services
Revenue 140 trillion VND ($7bn)[1]
27 trillion VND ($1.3bn)
Number of employees
Parent Ministry of Defense (Vietnam)

Viettel Group (full name in Vietnamese: Tập đoàn Viễn thông Quân đội) is Vietnam's largest mobile network operator. It is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence.

Viettel pays its 25,000 employees an average salary of 18 million VND per month, a total of 5.4 trillion VND per year.[2]


Viettel introduced 3G services in early 2010 (after Vinaphone and MobiFone), including video call, mobile broadband 3G, TV mobile, video-on-demand, online music.[3]

Viettel has ambitious plans to enter the hardware market. It wants to develop and sell mobile phones including smart phones and TVs.[1] It started producing mobile phones in late 2012, while discontinuing a cooperation with China's Huawei, which had previously produced Viettel phones.[4]

In 2013, VM has begun production of military-grade radio equipment for the PAVN.[5][6] In 2014, the company announced that they are making UAVs.[7][8]

Subsidiaries and joint-ventures[edit]

Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group (Tập đoàn Viễn thông Quân đội), the parent of the Viettel brand, also owns a number of other companies.

  • Vietnam Distribution (also Viettel Import and Export Co.) is an electronics retail company. It is one of the official distributors of Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu in Vietnam.[9][10] HP is supporting Viettel in developing a retail and after-sale services network.[9]
  • Viettel New Service Development
  • Viettel Post
  • Viettel Investment and Real Estate
  • Viettel International Investment
  • Viettel Football Training Center

In May 2007 Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. established a joint venture with Viettel Mobile to provide Internet data center services in Vietnam.

Viettel has successfully developed telecommunication services in Laos, Cambodia, Haiti, Mozambique and Peru. It made a profit from its foreign operations for the first time in 2012, mainly based on profits from Cambodia and Laos.[11]

It won a contract in Cameroon in December 2012, which it bid for in a joint-venture with Bestinver Cameroon S.A.R.L.[12]

Viettel started its operations as the fourth MNO in Peru in February 2013.[13]

Market share and competitors[edit]

Viettel had a market share (estimated based on revenues) of 40.67% in 2012.[14] Its main competitors are Vinaphone with 30% market share, MobiFone with 17.9%, both owned by VNPT.[14] They control almost 90% of the market, with the rest controlled by Vietnamobile with 8%, Gmobile (formerly Beeline) with 3.2% and S-Fone with 0.1%.[14] Viettel reported having 58.9 million customers, while Vinaphone and MobiFone estimated to have 70 million and Gmobile and Vietnamobile 10 million.[14]

Viettel acquired EVN Telecom in December 2011 and officially finished transferring accounts one year later.[14]

Viettel is the only provider in some remote parts of Vietnam, such as Meo Vac.

In 2014,Viettel plans to invest $1 billion in a new third-generation (3G) mobile phone network in Tanzania.[15]

Viettel Mobile won Most Popular Operator at 2005, 2006 and 2007 Vietnam Mobile Awards.[16][17]


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