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In Wikipedia, editors add links to articles where they think a reader might want to know more about something. Where links are blue, readers can click on them to see a more detailed article on that subject. However, when Wikipedia doesn't contain an article for a particular link, it shows up as a red link (like this one).

This project is looking at all methods of reducing the number of unnecessary red links in Wikipedia.

They can exist for one of several reasons:

  • Wikipedia doesn't have an article on the linked subject ...
    • ... one should exist, but nobody has started it yet.
    • ... because the subject doesn't meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines
    • ... because the link makes no sense - it may be a mistake or vandalism
  • Wikipedia does have an article on the linked subject, but under a different title ...
    • ... maybe the editor just typed its name incorrectly
    • ... it might be hard to find because it is stored under an unusual title and needs to be moved
    • ... perhaps alternate names need to be given to the article using redirects


  • Red Link Recovery Live is a Tool Labs based tool that does two tasks. Firstly, it can be used to check all the red links in an article and suggest likely alternative targets for them. Secondly, a more carefully prepared list of red links and likely alternate targets can be accessed. Project members are encouraged to work through this list. (Discuss)
  • The Unlikely Titles tool on Tool Labs can be used to search for red links that seem improbable. (Discuss)
  • Outdated lists used prior to the above tools can be viewed here

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The list of past and present participants in this project can be found here.

There is also a project userbox:

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