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Yakov Yakovlevich Gakkel (Russian: Яков Яковлевич Гаккель) (July 18, 1901, Saint Petersburg — December 30, 1965, Leningrad) was a Soviet oceanographer, doctor of geographical sciences (1950), professor, director of the geography department of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, son of a scientist Yakov Modestovich Gakkel.

Yakov Gakkel participated in numerous Arctic expeditions, including the ones on icebreakers Sibiryakov (1932) and Chelyuskin (1934). He was the first one to create a bathymetric map of the Arctic basin.

Yakov Gakkel was awarded two orders and several medals during his scientific career. In 1966, one of the mid-oceanic ridges was named after him.

This article includes content derived from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 1969–1978, which is partially in the public domain.