1958 Campeonato Argentino de Rugby

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14° Campeonato Argentino
Countries  Argentina
Champions Capital (5th title)
Runners-up Provincia

The Campeonato Argentino de Rugby 1958 was won by the selection of Capital that defeated the selection of Buenos Aires Province ("Provincia"). There were fourteen teams that participated, including two new selections: Valle de Lerma (Salta Province) and Sur.

Rugby Union in Argentina in 1958[edit]

Knock out stages[edit]

24 August Córdoba - Cuyo 22 - 9 Córdoba
24 August La Plata - Santa Fe 14 - 3 La Plata
24 August Mar del Plata - Sur 21 - 0 Mar del Plata
24 August San Juan - Rio Cuarto 9 - 6 San Juan
24 August Valle de Lerma - UR del Norte 0 - 11 Salta
24 August Rosario - Río Paranà 11 - 3 Rosario

21 September Córdoba - Capital 8 - 22 Córdoba
21 September La Plata - Mar del Plata 6 - 3 La Plata
21 September San Juan - Provincia 6 - 31 San Juan
21 September UR del Norte - Rosario 23 - 6 Tucumán

28 September Capital - La Plata 19 - 6 San Isidro, Buenos Aires
28 September Provincia - UR del Norte 17 - 6 San Isidro, Buenos Aires


5 October 1958
Capital 11-6 Provincia
Try: Karplus, Ferrer,
Con: Méndez,
Pen: Méndez
Pen: Comas, Bernacchi
San Isidro, Buenos Aires
Referee: Sr. César de Elizalde

Capital R. Raimundez ('B. A.), C. Lennon (Belgrano), E. Karplus (Pueyrredón), E. Fernández del Casal (C.U.B.A.), J. Ferrer (C.U.B.A.), L. Méndez (O. S.), R. Brown (B. A.), S. Hogg (B. A.), M. Aspiroz (B. A.), C. Álvarez (C.U.B.A.), D. R. Hogg (B.. A.), J. Trebotich (Puey¬rredón), E. Gaviña (C.U.B.A.), C. Ezcurra (C.U.B.A.), E. Verardo (Belgrano).
Provincia: R. Pesce (A. D. F.), O. Bernacchi (Curupaytí), J. Campos S. Fernando), J. L. Guidi (A. D. F.), A. Salinas (Olivos), I. Comas (Pucará), E. Holmgreen (Olivos), J. Vibart (O. Phil.), S. Gamarra S. Fernando), J. Pulido (A. D. F.), E. Parola (Curupaytí), A. Otaño (Pucará), E. Sorhaburu (Olivos), R. Santángelo (Curupaytí), O. Diserio (S. Fernando).

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