Unión Entrerriana de Rugby

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Entre Ríos Rugby Union
Unión Entrerriana de Rugby
Sport Rugby union
Founded 1979; 37 years ago (1979)
President Carlos Ascúa [1]
Website uerugby.com.ar

The Entre Rios Rugby Union (Spanish: Unión Entrerriana de Rugby ) (also known for its initials UER) is the organisational body that rules the game of rugby union in Entre Ríos Province, Argentina.


The Union was founded in 1979 when the rugby clubs of Paraná, Entre Ríos decided to create their own body due to they took part of Unión Santafesina de Rugby by then. The founding members were: Estudiantes de Paraná, Club La Salle, El Paraná Rowing Club and Tilcara.

Other clubs then asked to be part of the union, from cities such as Diamante, La Paz, Concordia, Concepción del Uruguay, Gualeguay y Nogoyá.

Provincial team[edit]

The Unión Entreterriana Cordobesa de Rugby is represented in the Campeonato Argentino, a competition in which each of the 25 unions that make up the Unión Argentina de Rugby (UAR) participate. His best results was the final in 1984 edition

Member clubs[edit]

Clubs affiliated to UER as of December, 2013 [2]


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