2004 California Republican primary

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The California Republican primary, 2004 was held on March 2, 2004, the same day as the Democratic primary. As expected, incumbent President George W. Bush won near-unanimously over the disbanded opposition. Bush later won the general election over Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.


California Republican presidential primary, 2004[1]
Candidate Votes Percentage National delegates
George W. Bush 2,216,047 100.00%
Nancy Warrick (write-in) 95 0.00%
Bill Wyatt (write-in) 90 0.00%
Blake Ashby (write-in) 56 0.00%
Bradley J. Barton (write-in) 22 0.00%
Richard Allen Holtz (write-in) 17 0.00%
Richard P. Bosa (write-in) 12 0.00%
Doc Castellano (write-in) 12 0.00%
Totals 2,216,351 100.00%

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