1914 California gubernatorial election

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California gubernatorial election, 1914

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  Hiram Johnson 2.jpg JohnDFredericks.jpg
Nominee Hiram Johnson John D. Fredericks
Party Progressive Republican
Popular vote 460,495 271,990
Percentage 49.6% 29.3%

Nominee J.B. Curtin Noble A. Richardson
Party Democratic Socialist
Popular vote 116,121 50,716
Percentage 12.5% 5.5%

Governor before election

Hiram Johnson

Elected Governor

Hiram Johnson

The California gubernatorial election, 1914 was held on November 3, 1914. Hiram Johnson was elected in 1910 as a member of the Republican Party. Dissatisfaction with the conservatism of the Taft administration led many Republicans to join former President Roosevelt's Progressive Party, with Johnson served as the Vice-Presidential candidate in the 1912 presidential election. Despite losing the general election, and winning California by less than 200 votes, Johnson was supremely popular in California. He was re-elected in 1914 as governor under the Progressive Party ticket, nearly tripling his vote from 1910 as a Republican, and was elected and reelected as Senator many times until his death in 1945.

General Election Results[edit]

1914 gubernatorial election, California
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Progressive Hiram W. Johnson (incumbent) 460,495 49.69
Republican John D. Fredericks 271,990 29.35
Democratic J. B. Curtin 116,121 12.53
Socialist Noble A. Richardson 50,716 5.47
Prohibition Clinton P. Moore 27,345 2.95
Total votes 926,667 100.0%
Progressive hold Swing