2022 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC First Round

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The AFC first round of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification, which also serves as the first round of 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualification, is scheduled to be played from 6 to 11 June 2019.[1]


A total of 12 teams (teams ranked 35–46 in the AFC entrant list) play home-and-away over two legs. The six winners advance to the second round.


The draw for the first round took place on 17 April 2019 at 11:00 MST (UTC+8), at the AFC House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.[2]

The seeding was based on the FIFA World Rankings of April 2019 (shown in parentheses below).[3] The 12 teams were seeded into two pots:

  • Pot A contained the teams ranked 1–6 (i.e., 35–40 in the AFC entrant list).
  • Pot B contained the teams ranked 7–12 (i.e., 41–46 in the AFC entrant list).

Each tie contained a team from Pot A and a team from Pot B, with the team from Pot A hosting the first leg.

Note: Bolded teams qualified for the second round.

Pot A Pot B
  1.  Malaysia (168)
  2.  Cambodia (173)
  3.  Macau (183)
  4.  Laos (184)
  5.  Bhutan (186)
  6.  Mongolia (187)
  1.  Bangladesh (188)
  2.  Guam (193)
  3.  Brunei (194)
  4.  Timor-Leste (195)[note 1]
  5.  Pakistan (200)
  6.  Sri Lanka (202)


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Mongolia  3–2  Brunei 2–0 1–2
Macau  TBD[note 2]  Sri Lanka 1–0 Cancelled
Laos  0–1  Bangladesh 0–1 0–0
Malaysia  12–2  Timor-Leste 7–1 5–1
Cambodia  4–1  Pakistan 2–0 2–1
Bhutan  1–5  Guam 1–0 0–5


Mongolia 2–0 Brunei
Report (AFC)
Brunei 2–1 Mongolia
Report (AFC)

Mongolia won 3–2 on aggregate and advanced to the second round.

Macau 1–0 Sri Lanka
Report (AFC)
Sri Lanka Cancelled[note 2] Macau
Report (AFC)

Laos 0–1 Bangladesh
Report (AFC)
Bangladesh 0–0 Laos
Report (AFC)

Bangladesh won 1–0 on aggregate and advanced to the second round.

Malaysia 7–1 Timor-Leste
Report (AFC)
Timor-Leste 1–5 Malaysia
Report (AFC)

Malaysia won 12–2 on aggregate and advanced to the second round.

Cambodia 2–0 Pakistan
Report (AFC)
Pakistan 1–2 Cambodia
Report (AFC)

Cambodia won 4–1 on aggregate and advanced to the second round.

Bhutan 1–0 Guam
Report (AFC)
Guam 5–0 Bhutan
Report (AFC)

Guam won 5–1 on aggregate and advanced to the second round.


There were 32 goals scored in 11 matches, for an average of 2.91 goals per match.

4 goals

3 goals

2 goals

1 goal


  1. ^ Timor-Leste was barred from participating in the Asian Cup qualification after being found to have fielded a total of 12 ineligible players in 2019 AFC Asian Cup qualification matches among other competitions.[4] However, as FIFA has not barred them from the World Cup qualifiers, Timor-Leste is still allowed to enter the competition, but will be ineligible to qualify for the Asian Cup.
  2. ^ a b Macau did not send their team for the second leg due to safety reasons following the 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings.[5] The AFC has referred the matter to FIFA and a decision, if taken, is to be determined.[6]
  3. ^ Macau played their home match against Sri Lanka in Zhuhai, China, due to ongoing maintenance of Estádio Campo Desportivo.[7]
  4. ^ The home match of Malaysia against Timor-Leste, originally to be played on 6 June 2019, was later postponed due to Eid al-Fitr celebrations following a request from the Football Association of Malaysia.[8]
  5. ^ Timor-Leste played their home match against Malaysia in the latter country due to a lack of a suitable venue in their country.[9]
  6. ^ Pakistan played their home match against Cambodia in Qatar.[10]


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