Chinese Taipei Football Association

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Chinese Taipei Football Association
Chinese Taipei Football Association.png
Founded1924; 96 years ago (1924)
FIFA affiliation1954
AFC affiliation1954
EAFF affiliation2002
PresidentChiou I-jen
Chinese Taipei Football Association
Traditional Chinese中華民國足球協會
Simplified Chinese中华民国足球协会

Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) is the governing body for football in the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan). Its official name in Chinese is the Republic of China Football Association, but it is billed as the "Chinese Taipei Football Association" abroad and uses the English initials on its badge (see Chinese Taipei for details on the political reasons and issues related to the use of this sporting name for the Republic of China).[1]


Name Position Source
Chinese Taipei Chiou I-jen President [2]
Chinese Taipei Lu Gui Hua Vice President [3]
Chinese Taipei Hsiao Yong Fu 2nd Vice President [4]
Chinese Taipei Hsieh Jun Huan 3rd Vice President [5]
Chinese Taipei Fang Ching-Jen General Secretary [6]
Chinese Taipei Lin Xiu Yi Treasurer [7]
Chinese Taipei Yen Shih Kai Technical Director [8]
England Louis Lancaster Team Coach (Men's) [9]
Japan Kazuo Echigo Team Coach (Women's) [10]
Chinese Taipei Chiao Chia-Hung Media/Communications Manager [11]
Jose Amarante Futsal Coordinator [12]
Chinese Taipei Liu Sung Ho Referee Coordinator [13]

  • 1924: Established.[14]
  • 1954: Admitted to FIFA as the China National Football Association (Chinese: 中國足球協會).
  • 1954: Formed and entered the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as a founding member with various other Asian countries. At that time, the name of the governing body was Republic of China Football Council (Chinese: 中華民國足球委員會).
  • 1973: Changed the name of the governing body to the Republic of China Football Association (Chinese: 中華民國足球協會).
  • 1974: Exited the AFC.
  • 1975: Admitted to the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) as a provisional member.[15]
  • 1976: Became regular member of the OFC.
  • 1978: Suspended from the OFC due to naming problems.
  • 1981: With the agreement of FIFA, changed its external name to the Chinese Taipei Football Association.
  • 1982: Re-admitted to the OFC.
  • 1989: Re-admitted to the AFC.


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